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BMB Apartment by VOA Arquitetura


VOA Arquitetura has completed an apartment renovation in a 1970s building in São Paulo, Brazil. Their primary objective, while retaining elements of the building’s brutalist design, was to create a new layout for the apartment, which was lacking due to small rooms and insufficient natural light. Introducing a sense of openness and calming aesthetic, the new apartment now fulfils the everyday needs of the owners.

The reworked layout needed to incorporate a living room, office, dining room, and a special nook for a bar and the clients' record collection. To achieve this, the walls that divided the kitchen were removed and replaced with a long, curved island that now connects the areas seamlessly.

The apartment's design elements, drawing inspiration from the original brutalist style, showcase a striking use of raw concrete and natural materials. The walls and ceiling feature a textured plaster finish, while Brazilian wood and Guatemalan marble with a subtle green hue add to the space's harmonious atmosphere.

Additionally, the project sought to connect and preserve the past and present, which was achieved through the restoration of the original ipê wooden floor and furniture by Brazilian designer Sergio Rodrigues. Placed alongside contemporary pieces, the combination of old and new provides an interesting duality throughout.

Warm tones were selected to further enhance the serene feel of the spaces, while the varied textures of the material palette add a tactile dimension to the design.

The clients also requested that some of the walls were left bare, to allow for future artwork and meaningful items to be added over time. It is important to them that they inject a sense of history and pieces that evoke memories to emphasise the value and purpose of the living space through both design and everyday life.

Photography by Rafael Renzo

Thoughtfully designed, BMB Apartment is cohesive and visually appealing, seamlessly blending elements from the past and present, with space to evolve naturally over time.

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