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Living Room Update with the Samsung Serif TV


The open plan living area is a favourite part of our home, and where we spend a lot of time as a family. In keeping with the pared-back but relaxed aesthetic, the space has evolved over the years with several updates in terms of furniture, art, rugs, and an ever-changing shelving display. There has however been an element that I was never happy with — the very outdated TV. In fact, it was such an eyesore that I went to great lengths to hide it when taking photos of the space! In desperate need of an upgrade, we're now thrilled to have welcomed the new Samsung Serif TV into our home.

Renowned French designers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec are behind The Serif, which they first created for Samsung in 2015. I knew then that this beautiful design — a freestanding work of art in itself — would be the ideal solution for our home when we upgraded the TV. Now available in New Zealand for the first time with the launch of the updated Serif 2.0, my dream has finally come to fruition, and it was well worth the wait.

The Bouroullecs, who have collaborated with some of the design industry’s biggest names such as Vitra, Hay, Kartell and more, are known for moving above and beyond boundaries in design and adding poetic quality to objects, big or small. The Serif, despite being a television, has a beautiful design language and subtle presence. Featuring a distinctive 'I' shape, elegant frame and slim metal stand, it also doubles as a shelf when the legs are removed. I was so happy to do away with our cumbersome TV console unit, and loved the idea of having a versatile, freestanding TV that could be angled to suit the shape of our room, rather than being wall mounted in a permanent spot. As you can tell from the photos I’ve taken, it fits seamlessly with our pared-back interior and looks beautiful from every angle. Even from the back, it has a sleek, minimal appearance due to a woven fabric panel that covers the connectors. I also love that it has a place to hide the cords — they simply run along a line of the leg with a cover that you pop on top — for a clean and tidy finish.

One of my favourite elements of The Serif is the Ambient Mode, which offers a graceful alternative to the black, blank screen. From Relaxation and Mood settings to Artworks, Music and Decor there are so many different options and I love being able to choose content that blends beautifully with our space. There’s also a Special Edition created by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, with two exclusive patterns including a textured fabric, and an Info setting so that you can check the date, time and weather.

In terms of technology, The Serif is incredible. The screen quality is QLED (the highest of Samsung standards), it features innovative audio technology, connects easily to mobile phones and devices, and has built-in voice assistants. We're all embracing these new features and discovering new ones everyday! Available in a trio of sizes, 43", 49" and 55", the 55” is perfect for our space.  

Styling and photography by Michelle Halford - TDC 

This year has made us realise how much we value spending time at home, enjoying the comforts of our living space. A joy to use and watch, The Serif has enhanced the space in so many ways, perfectly integrating with the interior. We couldn't be happier. 

To find out more about The Serif and all of its features take a look here.

AD / This is a Paid Partnership post. I only work with products I love and all opinions are my own. For more information please visit my About Page.

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Gorgeous New Bed Linen Colours from Swedish Brand Midnatt


Swedish brand Midnatt offer crisp organic cotton bed linen for both children and adults. Since launching in 2017 I've admired their fresh take on colour and the way in which they showcase their collections. For Fall, they have released two new colours Bosco and Sorbetto. Gorgeous neutrals, they combine beautifully with fresh white, and also work well together. 

Described by Midnatt as an olive-khaki-greenish hue, Bosco is a warm, earthy colour. I think it would provide a great starting point for a bedroom update, especially for a change of season. The Sorbetto, a pale yellow, has a feminine edge, and brings softness to an all-white space.   

Styling by Josefin Hååg / Photography by Mikael Lundblad

Images via Midnatt 

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The Modern Classic by Nordiska Kök


Nordiska Kök's latest project in an apartment in central Stockholm is a blend between the modern and the classic, with a calm and elegant charm. Featuring warm earthy tones and vibrant Terrazzo, the kitchen flirts with the 60s while at the same time staying grounded in the modern 20s. Designed for today's lifestyle, it is as an inviting hub for family and friends.

Known for bringing together neutral colours and a warm materiality for a beautiful aesthetic, Nordiska Kök are also experts at provding the best in functionality. I am always interested to see how they configure kitchen cabinetry and storage, which is such an important element for any ktichen. Here, they have installed cabinets, top and bottom, along an entire wall. The top cabinets have sliding doors with line glass. A modern version of classic display cabinets, the clean lines and symmetry contrast with the random patterns of the Terrazzo. The kitchen island provides a striking central hub, and I love the how the stools tie in beautifully with the dark wooden flooring. 

To maximise storage, Nordiska Kök built sections of cabinets in a hallway that is located close to the kitchen. Featuring partly open shelves in light pigmented ash, these provide a warm contrast and a place to keep favourite objects on display. The Terrazzo, which carries through to the worktop, was a starting point that set the tone for the rest of the kitchen and colour palette. 

Beautiful cabinets made of solid ash reveal a designated coffee nook hidden behind two pocket doors. The modernized serving aisle, frame doors and handles are all updated versions of a classic kitchen, but in an modern look.

Styling by Caroline Sandström / Photography by Osman Tahir

For more inspiration from Nordiska Kök take a look at their stunning new Showroom and recently completed Scandinavian Shaker Kitchen. 

Images courses of Nordiska Kök

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Dinesen Collection


Dinesen has introduced the Dinesen Collection, a range of timeless wood furniture and interior objects designed to activate the senses through aesthetic sustainability. Specialising in quality wooden planks since 1898, Dinesen's interior projects have featured numerous times on TDC over the years, and I love seeing the versatility of their work which ranges from flooring through to other interior elements. The new collection consists of eight products that celebrate the iconic Dinesen plank, all with a coherent expression born from a passion for meaningful design solutions. 

Dinesen Collection is created by the niche studio Design Studies. Founded by Hans Peter Dinesen and Mikkel Vestergaard, they explore and discover new possibilities in nature’s materials through design and production.

"The goal is always to enrich life for the people who shape their lives around the furniture. This collection is a manifestation of how design can provide a setting for life that brings people together and also brings us closer to nature and enhances our well-being." — Hans Peter Dinesen, Design Studies

DS001 Table and DS101 Bench

The inspiration behind the Dinesen Collection stems from the drying process that the wood undergoes on its way to becoming an iconic Dinesen plank. When the timber arrives at the sawmill it is cut, and the planks are stacked with cubic spacers in between to allow the air to circulate freely. These stacked planks are a recurring design feature throughout the collection, showing a distinct connection to the brand's DNA.

DS301 Daybed

DS201 Stool 

The interior scent, DD-2, which is also a part of Dinesen Collection, is developed by artist and researcher of smell, Sissel Tolaas, in collaboration with architecture and design firm Studio Pneuma.

DD-2 Dinesen Douglas Oil Blend

DS501 Bricks

The Dinesen collection includes a range of Bricks made from made of surplus wood from Dinesen’s own production. These can be used as decorative objects, as cutting or serving boards, or as platforms for displaying decorative or interesting objects in your home. The Furniture Planks come in four lengths, in a choice of Oak and Douglas and a variety of finishes. Perfect for a range of creative solutions, the desk shown below was created with planks and the Stand.

DS401 Stand and DS410 Furniture Planks

Find out more about the Dinesen Collection here.

Styling by Pernille Vest / Art Direction and photography by Jonas Bjerre Poulsen/Norm Architects

Images courtesy of Dinesen

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Dulux Colour Forecast 2021


Surrounded by unfamiliarity, we are currently facing a ‘new normal’, far removed from our general comforts of connection and sociality. In a time where our homes have become a core hub of activity, we are increasingly using technology to connect with the outside world. At the same time, we are yearning for moments to disconnect from the constant stream of information to reset, reflect and recharge. This year, The Dulux Colour Forecast for 2021 is expressed through three tonal palettes that prioritises natural colours and textures for comfort and security, with moments of stronger colour to brighten our outlook and wellbeing.

Nourish Mood Board

To show my interpretation of the inspiring new colour palettes, I created a mood board for each. This was such a fun task that gave me the opportunity to really think about how I would combine the colours if I were to bring an interior project to life. For each mood board I selected three to four key paint colours, which I used for the background and smaller accents, some of which I first moulded in white clay. I then drew inspiration from each of the themes, to bring together different materials and natural elements. I’ve gone into more detail below, starting with my favourite palette, Nourish.

— Nourish —

Nourish Mood Board 

Whilst most of us are required to experience the world from within the four walls of our home, we are facing digital saturation at its most extreme. Craving time and space away from our screens, there is a renewed appreciation for nature and rituals of self-care to help soothe the mind and create an aura of calm and sense of wellbeing. The Nourish palette plays into this longing for natural beauty and earthly connection with biophilic hues that really speak to me. Starting with a warm, neutral backdrop in Dulux Kauri Cliffs, I added touches of sand, tan, mossy green and tumeric hues. One of my favourite colours is Dulux Pukekawa, a soft yellow that takes me back to my childhood. Yellow was my favourite colour and when I was given the exciting job of choosing a paint colour for my bedroom, it was very similar to this. I love how the colours connect us to nature, inspiring us to fill our homes and workspaces with plants and blooms. The tactility of materials and raw textures provide a level of physical comfort to the touch, whilst the round-form surfaces and soft shapes offer visual relief to encourage revitalisation.

Nourish Mood Board 
Background: Dulux Kauri Cliffs
Cubes: Dulux Morocco Tan
Clay forms: Dulux Sandymount and Pukekawa

— Reset —

Reset Mood Board

In the wake of our ‘new normal,’ a level of adaptability, positivity and resilience is at the forefront of our minds as we shift to a slow-paced lifestyle, far removed from the adventure and excitement we once thrived on. Reflecting on what is most important to us, we draw closer to our families and local community. The Reset palette reflects our renewed energy and desire to brighten our outlook as we adapt to home life. Subtly inspired by the 70s with uplifting hues of blue-green and energetic reds that offset whites and neutrals, I picked out two key colours to highlight these contrasts: Dulux Muriwai as the neutral backdrop, and Dulux Vixen, a deep red. Touches of soft pink soften the overall effect and I love how this theme speaks of meaningful combinations with objects and mementos from past travels and pieces that are durable and generous in shape and form. 

Reset Mood Board
Background: Dulux Muriwai
Round form: Dulux Vixen
Small objects: Dulux Prebbleton

— Retreat — 

Retreat Moodboard

Our idea of what home means has evolved. What was once a place for solace and recuperation is now our vehicle for daily life - from sleeping, eating, working to exercising. As our work-life boundaries continue to blur, we delve deeper in search of balance, restyling our spaces to accommodate our flexible lifestyle. We seek out the security of well-loved DIY traditions like cooking, baking and crafting to help us feel grounded and present. The grey, blue and brown hues of the Retreat palette were lovely to work with here. On a backdrop of timeless grey - Dulux Franz Josef Quarter, I layered Dulux Teahouse and Dulux Meerkat. The stormy hues channel tranquility, signifying better times to come, whilst essential whites and burgundy feed our sense of the familiar and tradition. Drawing on nostalgia to create that sense of familiarity and refuge we crave, I incorporated rustic ceramics and textural fabrics.

Retreat Mood Board
Background: Dulux Franz Josef Quarter
Large card: Dulux Teahouse
Cubes: Dulux Meerkat

All tiles are from Tile Space and textiles are from Martha's Fabrics, with thanks. 

Styling and photography by Michelle Halford /TDC

To learn more about Dulux's 2021 Colour Forecast visit

AD / This is a Paid Partnership post. I only work with products I love and all opinions are my own. For more information please visit my About Page.

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Living Room Update with The Ivy House


While living and breathing interiors over the last eight or so years I've learned a lot about what makes a house a home. For me, it's a slow and continually evolving process. Rather than being dictated by trends, I follow my heart and look for pieces that fit with my personal style and the way we like to live. I love natural materials and I'm drawn to well crafted, sustainable design. There is something special about welcoming a piece into your home that you know will be with you and your family for years to come. More than ever this year we've come to realise that our home is our sanctuary and that we love being surrounded by pieces that bring comfort and a sense of calm. Our Armadillo Agra Knot rug from The Ivy House, which we introduced to our home in 2018, immediately springs to mind. Beautifully hand-knotted in sustainable wool, it transformed our dining space and continues to inject a quiet luxury into our everyday lives. Working with The Ivy House is always the most enjoyable experience, and I am completely in my element choosing from their incredible range of Armadillo rugs. When it came to deciding on a new rug for our living space, I couldn’t wait to do it all again and I’m excited to share the results of our second collaboration.

The Ivy House was founded in 2014 by Annie Loveridge, who works closely with Armadillo to bring their collections to New Zealand. Driven by ethics as well as aesthetics, Armadillo strive to leave as little impact on the earth as possible. Each rug is made consciously and responsibly by hand from natural and sustainable fibres, using Fair Trade practices. Designed to counteract today’s throwaway culture and stand the test of time, both in their aesthetic and unquestionable quality, each rug is nurtured on its journey from fibre to finished product by the skilled hands of artisans in India. This inspiring process, one that Armadillo say they are honoured to preserve, has been passed down through generations and imbues each rug with a gentle energy, rare soul, and sensory purpose.

The Agra Knot is part of Armadillo Heirloom Collection and celebrates the perfect imperfections of hand-dyed and spun wool. The hand-knotted rug (which can see two, three or four weavers knotting one rug at a time) is worked in a single colour with a deep cut pile that reflects the light. Having lived with our first Agra Knot rug for over two years, in the dining area of our light-filled open-plan space, I know how beautiful this effect is. Bringing so much character and warmth, it is also incredibly robust and easy to keep clean. I loved the idea of having another Agra Knot rug and felt that it would create an elegant, seamless connection between the two spaces. The next step was deciding on the colour and size. 

Known for its beautiful earthy and rich hues, the Agra Knot collection has expanded from six to ten colours, with an additional 26 custom colours on offer. Below is a selection of samples I photographed at The Ivy House showroom. Needless to say, I was taken with the warm neutrals!

As part of the selection process, I created a shortlist of three colours, and brought home samples to test out in our space. In addition to seeing how they looked at different times of the day in the changing light, I wanted to see how the new colour looked alongside our existing Agra Knot rug in Pearl. Because they would be placed in the same open-plan space, it was important that the two colours would offer a contrast, while still complementing one another. 

From left to right above, my shortlist included the custom colour Limestone, one of the original colours Oyster and the custom colour SoapstoneWhile each one is stunning, I felt that the Limestone was a little too similar to our existing Agra Knot in Pearl (shown above in our dining space) and the Soapstone was a little too light for the space which has all-white walls. In comparison, I found that the darker tones of the Oyster inject a wonderful depth and contrast to the airy space. I love how it grounds and defines the living area - so important in an open-plan space - while creating a gorgeous pairing with the neighbouring Pearl. Looking back, Oyster was my second choice when choosing a rug for the dining area, so it makes sense that I arrived at this conclusion! 

Another important factor for our new rug was the size. I wanted to ensure it provided good coverage of the living area and that the front legs of both sofas would sit on top of the rug, providing a warm and cosy feel underfoot. In addition to the Armadillo Custom Colour program, The Ivy House offers a Custom Size and Shape option, so that you can tailor your rug to your home or project. Luckily one of the standard sizes on offer (2.4x3) was perfect for our space, but it was great knowing that we could tweak this if necessary.    

I love how our new Agra Knot reflects the light showing delicate nuances of colour, tone and texture. The striking new Ebb & Flow II artwork, a thank you gift from Anna Church who I interviewed recently for TDC, was a well-timed arrival to compliment the new-look space.

Styling and Photography by Michelle Halford - TDC

We've been living with our new Agra Knot rug for a few weeks now, and it feels like it has always belonged here. Both grounding and nurturing, the kids love to sprawl out on it and I don't blame them at all! A handcrafted work of art, it has injected the room with so much soul, while bringing with it a sense of permanence. My favourite place to unwind at the end of a busy day and on weekends, I couldn't be happier with the result. 

For more information on the Agra Knot, and all other Armadillo & Co collections, visit The Ivy House or pop into their Auckland showroom. Outside of NZ, visit Armadillo.

This post was created in collaboration with The Ivy House. I only work with products I love and all opinions are my own. For more information please visit my About Page.

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A New Build in Norway with Sustainable Design by Ask og Eng


Founded in 2016 by Kine Ask Stenersen and Kristoffer Eng (and first featured on TDC in 2017), Ask og Eng is one of my favourite Instagram accounts to follow. The Norwegian design studio was born from the couple’s desire to produce sustainable solutions when renovating, having designed and built their own kitchens and furniture for a number of years. With Kine’s background in environmental geography and climate change, and Kristoffer’s background in architecture, the launch of their own brand was a natural progression and has resulted in the production of many beautiful projects over the years. One such project, which I'm sharing today, is a newly built home located on the west coast of Norway, in Ålesund.

Showcasing their functional custom designs and beautiful Nordic craftsmanship, Ask og Eng designed and produced all the furniture for the kitchen, wardrobe, laundry and bathroom. Known for their use of bamboo, which they favour for both its aesthetics and sustainability, they chose a beautiful grain bamboo for the kitchen and wardrobe. For the bathroom furniture, they chose to use wheat, which in contrast gives a more delicate Scandinavian feel. All of the pieces were custom made from the E collection, to perfectly suit the needs of the homeowners. 

Styling by Maria Hove Vestre / Photography by Anne Bråtveit

The clean designs and beautiful wood grains give the home so much elegance, warmth, and texture. To find out more about the Ask og Eng offering including Ikea fronts, custom design, and their own line of products, take a look here. 

Images courtesy of Ask og Eng

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