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Åsa Hjort Architect's Villa Hallen with a Minimalist Oak Kitchen by Nordiska Kök


Nordiska Kök has collaborated with Åsa Hjort, a London-based architect to create a minimalist oak kitchen for Villa Hallen. The residential project in Österlen, Sweden features a stunning design highlighting clean lines, subtle contrasts and custom-made solutions. The resulting kitchen is not only visually beautiful but also highly functional.

Imbued with warmth and texture, the sleek and understated design is achieved through the use of organic surfaces, including soothing oak, beautiful grey quartzite, and concrete. These materials not only blend seamlessly with the surrounding architecture but also create a calming atmosphere that is perfect for cooking and entertaining.

The built-in appliances contribute to the sophisticated atmosphere, complementing the minimalist Scandinavian design. Cabinets, which provide both warmth and ample storage showcase the natural grain of the oak.

Open shelves provide a touch of vibrancy to the otherwise uniform kitchen, allowing for easy access to frequently used items. The solid oak drawers, which are a signature feature of Nordiska Kök kitchens, enhance the feeling of quality and durability that is synonymous with the brand.


Villa Hallen: Åsa Hjort Architects
Photography: Andrea Papini

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