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Basecamp Power Yoga by Studio 11:11


For their lastest interior design project, Melbourne-based Studio 11:11 have transformed an Auckland, inner-city warehouse into a warm and inviting meeting ground for Basecamp Power Yoga. Celebrating the rawness of the existing architecture, merging old with new, Studio 11:11 have created a unique yoga studio with character; a perfectly imperfect space to practice.

Exploring Basecamp’s philosophy of creating a solid foundation in life, Studio 11:11 translated this into the architecture. Rising up from the ground level and aligning perfectly with the central axis of the existing roofline, a staircase leads up to the main studio representing a physical elevation. This transition zone allows the members to mentally and physically make the journey up to their mats for a heightened and focused experience.

Uneven and rough textures were used to form a perfect marriage between the existing and new built elements. Washed timber and textured wall render create an essential yet tactile palette, whilst exposed off-form concrete walls and custom hot-rolled steel elements bring a grounding strength back into this power yoga studio. Natural cork lines the main studio floor, bringing a warmth and softness to the surface under body during yoga practise, demonstrating a deep understanding of the impact of the built environment on our wellbeing.

Collaborating with local metal craftsman, SaintLeo, to create a sculptural coat rack, this provides a central focus in the beautiful entry space. A large raw basalt rock lies at the base with the seamless insertion of steel emerging from the natural stone to create a refined yet abstract furniture piece.

I love that this natural, raw feel carries through to the decor with rustic ceramics and textural furniture pieces. There's also a beautiful connection to the outdoor areas. Studio 11:11 have created an environment alive with tactility and natural materials whilst keeping the strength and gym-like foundations that reflect Basecamp’s core values of resilience, empowerment & adventure.

Interior Design & Styling by Studio 11:11 / Build by Early Bird Construction / Photography by Nicholas John Wilkins

Studio 11:11 was founded by New Zealand Architect and Interior Designer Annabel Smart, and Interior Architect Marijne Vogel, who is originally from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The studio operates in multiple disciplines, exploring the boundaries between interior architecture, leather goods and objects. Previous featured projects include Sensory Lab and Mt Eliza Kitchen.

Images courtesy of Studio 11:11

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