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Curio Noir


Last week I had the pleasure of attending an exclusive event for Curio Noir, the New Zealand-based bespoke candle and curio brand. Held at Simon James Concept Store, the evening was in celebration of the company's relaunch, a beautiful unveiling of enhanced luxury, and a look at some stunning new additions to the range. 

A highlight of the evening was meeting Tiffany Jeans, the founder of Curio Noir. Incredibly talented, Tiffany's rich heritage and unique creativity is both inspiring and intriguing. Born into a family of strong, creative women, Tiffany grew up immersed in Maori Culture. As an adult, she has enjoyed award-winning success in fashion and advertising, but it was during her wedding to film director Andrew Morton that she realised her desire to create. Crafting a series of hand-cast skull candles, individually wrapped in tulle for each guest, this labour of love paved the way for a range of bespoke candles, linens and curio for the home. Retaining a fascination with the wonder and mystery she felt in her youth, Curio Noir is a celebration of the interesting and uncommon. Through her beautiful products, Tiffany's heritage is passed on, her gift to you. 

In addition to experiencing a beautiful installation and magical movie which you can see here, I was lucky enough to take home the lovely gift pack above. I loved reading through the Curio Noir booklet, where Tiffany's impeccable art direction and attention to detail is evident on every page. The result of a collaboration with an amazing group of creatives, I particularly love the water mark of the Lilith Doll, designed by Bernadette Pascua, a multi-disciplinary artist based in New York City. Curio Noir's first product, and one of my favourite candles from the range, The Lilith Doll was inspired by Tiffany's daughter, now 11, and is scented with a unique inspired perfume created in Grasse.

Curio Glass is a range of individually hand blown colour glass candles, crafted in NZ by classically trained Venetian glass blowers. Take a look at the incredible process in this film. Delicately perfumed with scents such as Tobacco Night, Gardenia's Shadow and Tubereuse Noir, Curio Noir uses biodegradable botanical wax, sourced from a sustainable plantation that sponsors the Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary in Sandakan, Borneo. 

The relaunch also happens to coincide with Tiffany's home feature in the current issue of Homestyle, who have kindly passed on a couple of photos for me to share with you today. An extension of Tiffany's personal aesthetic, the sense of calm, and pared-back interior immediately resonated with me. I was so taken with the glossy white floors it was the first thing I asked Tiffany about when I met her last week. Inspired by a New York art gallery, Tiffany said the floors still require another coat but are deceptively easy to keep clean. Located in central Auckland, Tiffany and Andy have done some minor work but plan to make big changes over the next few years to accommodate the needs of their family. As you can see the home also provides a base for Curio Noir. I love the vintage workbench, which Tiffany uses as a packing station for candles. The print above is by Richard Orjis and features a shot of the Lilith Candle. 

Images photographed by Evie Mackay for Homestyle

You can see more of Tiffany's home in the current issue of Homestyle

Visit Curio Noir to learn about the full range of products and stockists, and follow along on Facebook and Instagram

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