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Indoor Plants | Fresh Ideas


I first wrote a post on indoor plants over a year ago. We were getting ready to move into our new house and I was keen to start building a nice collection of greenery to warm up our bright, white interior. I'd just purchased the popular fiddle leaf fig which is still a favourite, despite being the most challenging to keep alive! Rather ironic when it's supposed to be a low-maintenance plant! A recent re-pot has prevented any more falling leaves, but I wouldn't say that it's really thriving yet. If you have any tips let me know. FYI the coffee-in-the-soil trick didn't work!

I'm happy to report that my smaller house plants are doing pretty well. I always get lots of great feedback on the plant that hangs down over our String Shelf. Shelves definitely lend themselves to these types of plants, as demonstrated below. The plant in a wire basket is also a cute idea.

Do you remember this post featuring my Catherine Lovatt for Serax ceramics? I haven't acquired any more pieces yet, but it's still in the plans. Rather than shipping from Sweden again, I'm waiting patiently for them to make their way to Australia (stay tuned). So versatile, I think they look great housing little plants, especially these easy-care cacti.

Glass vases in various shapes and sizes always look lovely grouped together. Providing a simple way to display greenery, it's also one of my favourite looks. 

Here are few more ideas, from a simple white bowl to a rather impressive wall hanger! Keep reading to find out where to buy the clever 'green light' invention. 

Another favourite, paper storage bags and baskets make great plant holders. 

For something a bit more creative, here is Daniella Witte's clever styling which involves suspended white baskets and metal pots on string. 

Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

Finishing off with some new plant holders I've discovered recently, these are all fresh, stylish and innovative. Which one takes your fancy?

1. Ikea PS 2014 Plant Stand
2. Green Pedestals by OFFECCT
3. Kekkilä Green Light
4. Ikea PS 2014 Plant Stand
5. Ceramic Planter by Gala Collier
6. Plant Holder by Stefano Gaggero

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  1. Lovely overview! I think I never get enough on green plants and ideas how to display them. I'm a little bit sad that we don't have that much space for plants in our home (especially now that all lower surfaces I used to keep planters on are in the reach of Tobias' little plant-destroying hands), seems we need a bigger home soon! :)
    The Kekkilä green light has been on my wish list for quite a long time, but I haven't figured out yet if I'd have a perfect spot for it.
    Lots of hugs xx

    1. Thanks Anu! I know what you mean - plants are not very child-friendly! Marlow has been known to rip off leaves and even take to my plants with scissors!! The Kekkilä is a great idea x

  2. I have an addiction to indoor plants!! Three fiddle leafs and counting… My healthiest seems to be the one in the bathroom. I think it enjoys the moist air and filtered light (through skylight). What is the name of the plant on your string system?

    1. Ahh... that makes sense. I did some research and they talked about moisture - I might have to move mine to the bathroom for a while. Thanks for the tip! The plant on my shelf is a pothos. It's been really easy to care for - it can handle erratic watering, which suits me!! x



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