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Wardrobes | Ideas & Inspiration


Once a luxury, it seems to be standard practice these days for a master bedroom to include an ensuite and walk-in wardrobe, and from the start we knew we wanted both in our new home. As with all the bathrooms, the ensuite had my attention from the start, and we made decisions regarding colours and tiles etc very early on. Addressing the walk-in wardrobe on the other hand came up very late in the game, and as such we've kept things simple in terms of layout and design. Using local company Boston Wardrobes, we ended up choosing a basic setup of shelves and rails, and figure we can add to this down the track as necessary. 

Like many women, I love fashion and have 'Carrie' moments where I dream of having a fabulously huge dressing room with rows and rows of shoes and bags and racks of beautiful clothes. Those of you who watched Sex & the City will know what I mean. But in actual fact, the image above really appeals. I love the minimalist orderly style, and the fact that it is both spacious yet cosy. I'd be quite happy to escape there with a book! Although our little walk-in will be modest in comparison, that's okay, because what I ultimately want is a functional space free from clutter, where everything has its place. With that in mind, I thought I'd do a bit of research and think about how I might like my dream wardrobe to look.

Firstly I turned to the fabulous US-based company, California Closets, who have been in operation for over thirty years, and are experts in the field of custom designed and installed storage. If they are in your neck of the woods, then I would definitely recommend calling on them. If not, the site itself offers loads of tips, advice and inspiration. Below is an example of the fantastic work they do. Experts in closet design, find out more here

California Closets can help you with any area of your home that requires great storage facilities, including the office, entryway and even the pantry. They also create the ultimate entertainment center, and with today's challenge of organising our DVD players, gaming consoles, cable/satellite boxes, DVRs, flat-panel TVs and the miles of cables that connect them all, I think most of us could do with some assistance!

Of course I also want the kids wardrobes in our new home to be well organised and clutter free. I love this gorgeous nursery wardrobe... 

And here are another couple of stylish walk-ins....

I love the feminine touches here...

Images: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

To finish off, I've put together ten ideas for creating a lovely walk-in wardrobe. In particular, I'm coveting numbers 01 & 10 from the Douglas and Bec for Kate Sylvester range. I've already got some Muuto The Dots in oak for the entrance way, but the pretty rose colour (06) has just been released, and with so many colours to choose from, I'm not sure I'm done at just one set! I definitely need some nice coat hangers (04 & 05), the bird lamp (03) is simply divine, and the rest is all about stylish storage, which of course is a must!

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  1. Hi Michelle!

    A walk in wardrobe is one of my interior dreams... It would have to be one with a firmly closing door.. as I am messy as hell! Need to hide that!

    Hope you're well.

    Trisha x

    1. Ha ha. I know what you mean, ours is so open - a good motivator to keep tidy though! I'm really good, hope all going well with you too Trisha x

  2. One of my dreams is a walk-in wardrobe and ensuite. It's in our future plans, so thanks for the inspiration. We used one of those gorgeous D&B mirrors in one of our recent client's bedroom, it looks fantastic! x

    1. Thanks Vic. I bet it looks amazing - your lucky client! x

  3. When we get "our home" I will ensure that I get a walk in wardrobe and ensuite. You've curated a gorgeous selection once again Michelle! M x



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