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Muuto in Copenhagen


I don't usually fill a post with images I've copied straight from another blog, however I've made an exception today because I simply cannot pass up the chance to share these with you. Unable to attend the Muuto product presentation in Copenhagen recently, Holly Becker, author of Decor8 sent along one of her contributors, Emilie Gupta, a food writer. With my love for Muuto bordering on obsession, the thought of being given that kind of opportunity makes me giddy! 

Looking through Emilie's photos from her visit has left me awestruck. Located In the heart of Copenhagen, the Muuto showroom and office space is on the top floor of a beautiful building and showcases more Muuto products than I've ever seen in my life!

While drooling over these images, I also learnt some interesting facts about the Scandinavian/Nordic design company. The team of 35 who work in this building are led by Peter BonnĂ©n and Kristian Byrge who founded Muuto in 2006. While Kristian has a background in strategic management and Pete worked in economics, their passion for architecture and design was the catalyst for creating the furniture brand. 

A key to their success is their collaboration with other Scandinavian designers, and knowing how to use the skills of each Scandinavian country to choose the best products for their collections. The result is a wonderful and varied range of furniture, lighting and other pieces for the home. While each designer offers new colours, shapes and objects, wood is the main material that they use in their designs and manufacturing. 

Knowing that Muuto comes from the Finnish word Muutos meaning new perspective, it makes sense that their inspiration is to be the "new" in Scandinavian design. Emilie's report also told of the company's mantra that excellent working conditions result in successful collaborations. Judging by these images, and their incredible products, that mantra is obviously working very well for them! 

Pop over here to see the full report. 

Source: Decor8 | Photo credit: Emilie Gupta 

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  1. I've joined you with the drooling. So good x

  2. Oh stop it Muuto, coming in here with all your stupidly, super,sexy, styley scandinavian stuff!!

    Damn they is good

    1. Ha ha .... aren't they though? Love your lingo. If I ever need a guest post I'll call on you! Have a great weekend.

  3. There's not much I don't like here, it's all gorgeous, especially that shelving unit. x

    1. I know what you mean! Have a great weekend Vic x



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