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Joséphine Fossey Office: Crafting a New Chapter for Château Lestang 1573


Rémy Graillot loves to entertain and takes pleasure in preserving and adding to the rich legacy of his property. To bring a fresh perspective to this endeavour, he enlisted Joséphine Fossey, head of the eponymous research and design studio, to provide artistic direction for the project. Joséphine's approach is defined by her commitment to finding the right balance between history and the new chapter, blending heritage with contemporary elements, to craft an exceptional tale that continues to unfold. 

Joséphine's aim is to make the Château a place dedicated to art in all its forms, starting with literature, which occupies a special place in the history of the estate. Ancient correspondences exchanged between Hyde de Neuville and Chateaubriand inspired the name of the special cuvée, "L'illustre voyageur". The label illustration was entrusted to American artist Michael McGregor, who paid homage to this special friendship by imagining a lunch on the grass between the two men. The estate will also host literary residencies in the future.

Serving as a hub for sharing and creativity, the winery is the epicentre of the Château where Joséphine Fossey has designed a singular décor, guided by a principle of total art, mixing vintage and contemporary, favouring noble materials, natural materials and know-how. Notably, the work of Pauline Esparon, a talented emerging designer, catches the eye. Using raw linen fibre, Pauline reveals the material's natural qualities while contemplating the transformative process. By prioritizing local production, Pauline breathes new life into the material, unlocking its untapped potential. This exploratory approach beautifully aligns with the DNA of Lestang 1573. Her linen-fibre screen stands alongside the Pigreco chairs designed by Tobia Scarpa for Tacchini, while the rope suspension by Audou & Minet is in dialogue with the sculpted plaster fixtures by designer Pierre Castanier and Mathias Kiss’ bespoke rug.

The décor responds not only to the natural setting, but also to the in-situ installation by artist Mathias Kiss, conceived as the first highlight of an ambitious art collection. This perennial work of art contrasts with the environment, while also complementing it. Delivering a free and personal interpretation of the vine, both indoors and out, Mathias Kiss uses mirrors to reflect and transform the space, artfully capturing and playing with light. The installation blurs the boundaries between art and craft, reality and illusion, simultaneously subverting and questioning the traditional purpose of mirrors. Other artists will be invited to take part, fostering the property's evolution with the changing seasons and new creations.

By embracing literature and other art forms, Joséphine Fossey has made the Château a true sanctuary for artistic expression, fostering an environment where creativity can thrive. Every element, ranging from the bottle choice and label design to the brand's visual identity, winery decoration, artistic collaborations, and events, contributes to achieving the perfect blend of historical roots and contemporary aesthetics for Lestang 1573.

Photograhy by ©Alice Mesguich

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