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Henri-Martin by ATELIER MKD


Marika Dru, the founder of Paris-based studio Atelier MKD is known for creating serene, timeless spaces that emanate uncomplicated ease. Clean lines, uncluttered volumes, and order tinged with classicism define her approach. While a form of minimalism prevails in her elegant conceptions, they are never austere but rather imbued with lightness, charm and femininity. For her recent project, Henri-Martin, Dru has delivered a spacious family apartment on one of the beautiful avenues radiating from the Place du Trocadéro in Paris.

Through curved stucco cornices, the interior designer has crafted a soft and intimate interior spanning over 400 m2. The entrance boasts large oak doors that lead to the living-dining room, kitchen, and suites. Woodcarvings serve as a common thread throughout the entire project, appearing both in the kitchen furniture and the doors of the dressing rooms.

A stunning apartment enriched by simple materials, Henri-Martin is infused with a neo-art-deco spirit and timeless elegance. The repetition of elements including the fluted pattern and woodcarvings creates visual ricochets and a sense of cohesion from room to room.

Reflecting the designer's signature palette of white, cream, beige, and brown, the apartment exudes elegance and tranquillity. Consistent materials have been intentionally employed to h0moginize the interiors entrusted to her. As a result, alabaster can be found in the luminous globe in the entrance hall by Atelier Alain Ellouz and in the wall lights of the living room by Garnier & Linker. This lighting diffuses a soft and harmonious glow, echoing the serene atmosphere of the space.

Marika's thoughtful adaptation of spaces to modern lifestyles, along with her personalized consideration of her clients' desires, make her a true master of her craft. Through the harmonious use of materials and artful refinement of spaces, this apartment is now a tranquil haven that is sure to endure.

Styling by Aurore Lameyre / Photography by ©Alice Mesguich

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