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Take Refuge this Winter with Soothing Earth-Based Hues from Dulux


Inviting warmth and a particular energy into your home can be a crucial step to successfully transitioning to indoor living and entertaining during the winter months. To help you get there, why not integrate the latest colour trends to establish a welcoming, yet intimate atmosphere for all to enjoy. Dulux’s Restore Palette – one of three colour palettes from the 2022 Dulux Colour Forecast – is made up of the rich, soothing colours of Dulux Lauder, Waiau Bay Half, Wigram and Natural Flora (amongst others), which evoke a feeling of comfort and warmth, often much-needed to combat the winter blues that can accompany a seasonal change.

Wall (top) and ceiling: Dulux Waiau Bay half; Wall (bottom): Dulux Lauder 

Dulux Colour Specialist Davina Harper says that the Restore palette is perfect for a winter makeover as the colours will be easy to use in most spaces due to their natural appeal. “Dulux Natural Flora and Hog Bristle® Half have a warmth that will create a comforting and restful space, perfect for bedrooms. The deeper colours of Dulux Peep-O-Day, Finnegan and Oboe D’Amore are well suited as accents for communal areas, like the living room or entry, to help liven up these high-traffic spaces. “To add a scheme, the more muted, neutral colours of Dulux Ōpononi Quarter, Duvauchelle, Ōpononi Double, Millwater and Narrow Neck Half will be incredibly popular across all interiors this season as they sit back and shouldn’t create a sense of feeling overwhelmed,” Harper says.


To showcase these idyllic hues in the home environment, Dulux Colour Forecaster and stylist Bree Leech undertook a multi-room makeover in a renovated 80s brick home, integrating colours from the Restore palette. “We chose to makeover three rooms – a toddler’s bedroom and two entry areas – showing the versatility of the palette to energise different interior spaces.“Both accent colours add interest and make the bedroom more inspiring for a young child but are also colours that they can keep as they grow,” Leech says.

One room in two ways, the toddler’s room was completely reinvigorated with the option of Lauder or Natural Flora as the feature colour, paired with Waiau Bay Half, a warm white to help soften the space. “Both accent colours add interest and make the bedroom more inspiring for a young child but are also colours that they can keep as they grow,” Leech says.“To add even more texture and warmth to our toddler’s space, we featured pale timber, woven cane and natural fabrics such as linen, cotton and wool; we also amped up the texture by adding a thick pile rug to the already carpeted floor."

Wall (top) and ceiling: Dulux Waiau Bay half; Wall (bottom): Dulux Natural Flora 

With the two entries, the intention was to make both spaces feel more inviting, sophisticated and memorable for the homeowners as well as first-time or returning guests. “The entries have gorgeous, exposed beams and curved arched doorways; we wanted to celebrate both architectural features and did so through colour and décor,” Leech says.

Ceiling: Dulux Peep-O-Day; Wall: Dulux Millwater

“Using the gorgeous Dulux Peep-O-Day on the ceiling in the main entry and Finnegan as an accent in the secondary, we paired each with striking art and handmade ceramics to give both rooms more character. A more sophisticated edge is provided through the feature pendant lighting. The addition of a rug breaks up floor space for a cosy yet spacious look and feel,” Leech adds.


Wall: Dulux Finnegan; Wall and Ceiling: Dulux Millwater

According to Dulux Colour Expert Andrea Lucena-Orr, due to the naturality of these hues, there will be many colours that resonate with both first-time decorators and long-time colour lovers. “My advice is to just have a go! Not much can go wrong using this gorgeous, soothing and relaxed palette. Whether you’re transforming a bedroom, living space or hallway/entry, it’s amazing how a change in colour gives you a whole new perspective on the space,” Lucena-Orr adds.

Winter colour tips from Dulux’s Colour Expert: Davina Harper

• When considering colours for your walls, always factor in existing fittings and decor that will remain once the makeover is complete. This may be flooring, cabinetry, window colour, furniture, etc. – knowing what colours and textures will remain will help drive your colour decisions with paint.

• Also determine whether your room relies on a lot of natural or artificial light to help add warmth and atmosphere to the space. For example, south-facing rooms will do well with warmer colours in the palette to keep that sense of light and brightness.

• For those looking to integrate the Restore palette in their own homes, start with a lighter colour from the palette to provide a natural base, then add deeper and richer colours such as earthy greens, red/browns and charcoal to bring some depth and interest.

• Paint’s not just for walls – try it out on décor and accessories like ceramic sculptures, pictures frames and lamps! This is a subtle but impactful way to add new life to a room, especially for those who may not feel ready to inject colour on a larger scale.

• Always test colours with Dulux Sample Pots before you purchase to ensure you’re happy with the final colour choice. Leave your painted samples up for at least two or three days to ensure the colour(s) work in your space and under different lighting conditions, both natural and artificial and view in different weather conditions i.e., bright sunny day versus a dull grey day.

To learn more about Dulux's Colour Forecast visit

Image Credits 

Styling by Bree Leech
Photography by Lisa Cohen 

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