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Santos Apartment by Atelier PECLAT+CHOW


PECLAT+CHOW are a young architecture atelier based in São Paulo, Brazil. At first glance, their aesthetic could be described as purely minimalist, but on closer inspection, the balance of light, textures, proportions and custom designed elements are revealed, resulting in spaces that are nuanced, tactile and calming. Fundamental to achieving this harmonious outcome is the practice's approach of treating each project as an entity, where every single element is thoughtfully considered throughout the design continuum. Beautifully demonstrated in their recently completed Santos Apartment, the 1950's refurbishment was carried out for a young couple in their late 20's and features warm textural finishes and bespoke detailing. 

Located in the stylish neighbourhood of Jardins, São Paulo, the apartment's 120sqm footprint was redesigned to integrate the living space fully, while clearly defining three different functions: kitchen, living room and home office. Created by way of a thoughtful sequence of volumes and voids, the wooden entrance tunnel in Pau Ferro wood was designed to guide and intensify the sensorial experience of those who enter from the dark hallway to the bright and clean living spaces of the apartment. 

The terrazzo floor, widely used in Brazil during modernism, with its opaque surface and subtle non-homogeneity, intersects with exposed white-painted brick and textured walls. These cleverly hide the storage areas and doors, while the white metallic grid ceiling, along with the Terrazzo floor, unifies all the apartment rooms and poses as an additional layer of texture and rhythm to the whole.

The curation of materials is very precise to reinforce both the cohesive identity and the fact that no detail was left unchecked. Door handles, switches, faucets, and even windows, were entirely designed by Atelier PECLAT+CHOW and produced locally.  A carefully curated selection of modern Brazilian pieces, such as Zanini ́s and Hauner ́s armchairs, together with international icons and art pieces give the space depth and interest, while still maintaining a restrained elegance throughout.  

Photography by Luiza Maraschin 

Further emphasizing the importance of design and architecture as a single, coherent project, Atelier PECLAT+CHOW also designed the white sofa and armchair, the marble coffee table, the kitchen table, and some lighting fixtures, along with all built-in furniture. 

The atelier's unique process, bringing what is often described as an artisan approach to every phase of the design, has resulted in a beautifully refined yet welcoming home, with both presence and permanence.  

Images courtesy of Atelier PECLAT+CHOW

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