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Best of 2019 | The Most Serene Bedrooms


While compiling these standout bedrooms from last year a common thread soon emerged. All feature calming palettes, natural materials and simplicity in design, resulting in spaces that are poised yet peaceful, restrained yet cosy. Exactly how I envisage the ideal bedroom haven to be, I hope you love these spaces as much as I do. To see the original blog post, click on the links below.  

Peaceful Living with Zara Home

A New Build in Southern Sweden via Fantastic Frank
Photography by Mike Karlsson Lundgren

Kinrest Residential Development
Architecture by Telha Clarke / Interior Design by Lotta Agaton Interiors / Render by Mr P

Curation & Furniture by Béton Brut / Styling by Laura Fulmine

Photography by Erik Lefvander

Styling by Lara Hutton / Photography by Mark Roper

Photography by Kristofer Johnsson

Interior Design by Lotta Agaton Interiors

Art Direction by Rosie Seabrook / Styling by Colin King / Photography by Frederik Vercruysse 

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