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Stylish and Homely with a Pop of Colour


This beautiful 1920s apartment boasts the usual elements I love such as large windows, high ceilings and fishbone parquet. A stylishly eclectic mix of furniture, art and objects give the spaces a warm, homely vibe, while a pop of bright orange adds a vibrant touch. Cosy throws and rugs provide the perfect textural accents and natural foliage brings a little bit of the outside in. The huge plant in the bedroom is a stunner! 

Styling by Katia Thoger / Photography by Mikael Lundblad for Fantastic Frank 

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  1. I think the best part is the one with the orange pilows. Even when I like monochromatic enviroments, i found this one to gray or sad.

  2. The relaxing colors of this interior allow for even a stronger pop of color - maybe even brighter flowers - but this is also good. Cool picks of furniture



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