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Minima Apartment by StudioPine


Last week I received an email from Ukrainian design firm StudioPine, regarding one of their recent interior design projects. A sleek and contemporary apartment located in Kyiv, they say they wanted to create a beautiful and harmonious environment for their clients to build upon. Balancing out glossy surfaces with natural wood finishes and dark textiles with lighter surrounding colours, their careful use of materials help to create both a sense of balance and interesting contrasts. Working across interiors and product design, StudioPine custom designed the stunning sofas for the Minima Apartment. Other statement pieces include the The bold artworks and iconic white Panton Chairs.

Images courtesy of StudioPine

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  1. Love the bed!!! Will try to recreate with particle board and pad it, cover it. Great inspiration and I will try to do this on a dime, since my budget would not cover this magnificent piece shown. The Closet Consult

  2. A dream place! Love the neutral colors and the details in this interior!



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