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Soften the Home this Autumn with Delicate Hues from Dulux


Taking cues from texture and the beauty of nature, interiors will soften this Autumn, with serene colours set to rise in popularity. Paint company, Dulux, predicts that an assortment of light and mid-tone hues along with greiges will dominate trends in the coming season. Stemming from the 2017 Dulux Colour Trends’ Sentience theme, the Autumn palette promotes tactility, offering a remedy to the ever-present glow of screens in our daily lives. Delicate hues that can be used throughout the home, they work beautifully in a child's nursery or bedroom.

Combining mellow hues with texture, Dulux Colour Expert Davina Harper says the key Autumn colours such as Dulux Whangara, Mt Albert, Titahi Bay and Suede Effect in Eco Chic are especially ideal for nurseries. “Any of these colours would look beautiful in either a boy’s or girl’s nursery as they are the epitome of gender neutral. We’re seeing soft colours used more often in children’s spaces now, it’s less about traditional colours such as pinks and blues and these Autumn hues are perfect if you’re painting before you know your baby’s gender." 

What's more, the subtle undertones within many of these soft muted colours can help a baby to relax, hopefully encouraging sleep. For those who feel the room is a little too neutral, Davina recommends adding colours such as Titahi Bay for a touch of warmth and colour. "These colours can also be easily adapted by adding accessories in blues or pinks, once a parent is ready to introduce splashes of colour into the room,” says Davina.

Texture will add an extra dimension to the colour palette this Autumn. The soft texture of a product such as Dulux Suede Effect in Eco Chic enhances the overall charm and peacefulness of a setting such as a nursery. When creating a haven for a new baby, it's also important to consider the washability and safety of paint in a baby’s space. A superior product to use in a nursery, or anywhere in the home, Dulux Wash&Wear 101 Barrier Technology is water-based, creates a hard-wearing film that allows you to wipe away most marks with a wet cloth, is low odour and low VOC. Davina says, “Dulux Wash&Wear 101 Barrier Technology gives walls the ultimate protection to stay looking freshly painted for years which is wonderful in a child’s environment especially when they grow into toddler years and beyond!”

To further inspire, Bree Leech, creative consultant and stylist for Dulux shares her style tips for the season:

Nursery colours have evolved, hues are more sophisticated such as greyed off warm neutrals, mauve and blues. Try selecting a soft warm shade offset with a cooler neutral as a feature or detail.

Experiment with your paint feature by not following the architectural lines - change colours underneath a picture rail or mid-way through a wall and try a softer freehand line at the change for a more organic look.

Suede Effects can be applied subtly for a soft dreamy matt texture, creating the perfect finish for the whole room or just a feature such as the Chimney Breast or alcove.

Layers of texture can create a sense of intimacy and warmth in baby’s rooms. Tactile materials are also an important feature in spaces for small children as they develop their sense of touch.

Comfortable spots to relax in a baby’s room are essential, they are a place to rest while feeding baby and as they are older to sit and read with them. Low seating allows you to be comfortable while close to your baby during floor time. Opt for removable covers that are easy to clean.

Styling by Bree Leech & Heather Nette King / Photography by Lisa Cohen 

As one of my favourite themes from the 2017 forecast, the Sentience colour palette is high on my wishlist for any room updates I plan on doing this year. If like me, a nursery is not on your agenda, remember that the colours are extremely adaptable and can be incorporated into other areas of your home. “If you’re looking to create a tranquil and calm environment, try any of these colours – they definitely should not be restricted to nursery use only. This palette could be used in an older child’s bedroom, a playroom, a quiet sitting room or casual living space and even a master bedroom,” says Davina.

For more information about the Dulux Sentience colour theme, including the top interior colours for Autumn, take a look inside the Dulux e-mag. To order free colour swatches, pop over here.

Images courtesy of Dulux

This is a sponsored post. I only work with products I love and all opinions are my own. For more information please visit my About Page.

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  1. Really loving this palette of colours!! Such a warm feeling!x

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