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A Unique and Cosy Apartment by FORM Architectural Bureau


The Kiev-based firm FORM Bureau completed this remarkable residential renovation project entitled "Ay" last year. With a focus on natural materials and fine detailing, lighting played an important role in highlighting the different textures of the white walls and ceilings, including distressed wood panelling and the apartment's original brickwork. There is such a vibrant feel to the imagery, I actually thought it was a 3D project at first!  

A white palette and simplicity in design became the framework, with black accents providing contrast and natural wood for warmth. The recessed marble flooring in the kitchen area is stunning and I love how they have suspended four Ay Illuminate lights at different heights above the dining table. An expansive modular sofa in the adjacent living room, and separate nook layered with comfy bean bags give the home an incredibly cosy feel.

The home features several bespoke pieces which give it a unique edge. These include the hand rails of the light and airy staircase, bathroom towel holders made from white painted tree branches hung on rope, and the luxurious bedroom hammock. 

Photography by Andrey Bezuglov and Gavrilov Sergey

The child's bedroom features a lovely mix of new and vintage treasures along with another gorgeous tree branch creation, this time as a clothes hanger.  

For more imagery and a full list of interior furnishings used in this project take a look here.

Images via Behance 

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  1. So wonderful, you can really feel how cozy the textures and mixture of grey and neutral shades make it despite how much white there is. Definitely has a Scandinavian look to it with the natural elements in a very simplistic colour palette. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, those warm textural elements definitely prevent it from looking too stark. Thanks Claire x

  2. Really love everything x

    Millie x



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