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Modernism Reimagined by Menu


Returning from a very relaxing and enjoyable trip away, I'm fighting off the post-holiday blues by soaking up the latest design news. At the top of the list is Modernism Reimagined, the new Spring/Summer 2016 catalogue by Menu. Debuted in January at Northmodern in Copenhagen, the collection speaks of timeless and understated elegance with a focus on natural materials and earthy tones in a variety of finishes. These include wood, leather and metals, all of which have gorgeous imperfections, unveiling further beauty over time as they patinize. 

The styling as always is impeccable, and I love how the images have a moody yet sophisticated mid-century retro feel. 

Align daybed by Anita Johansen, Norm Wall Clock by Norm Architects and FUWL Cage Table by Form Us With Love

Harrison Chandelier by Soren Rose Studio, Afteroom Lounge Chair by Afteroom, Turning Table by Theresa Arns, Willenz Volume Rug by Sylvain Willenz

JWDA Metallic Lamp by Jonas Wagell

Cylindrical by Alexa Lixfeld, Turning Table by Theresa Arns, Willenz Volume Rug by Sylvain Willenz

Stackable Glasses and Water Bottle by Norm Architects

Hanging Vessel by WRK-SHP

So many favourites, but I think the hanging vessels above would be super versatile, while the Stone Lamp below is just stunning. Designed by the ingenious Danish du0 Norm Architects, with the Danish word ‘Hygge’ (roughly translated as cosy) in mind, the lamp recreates the beautiful atmospheric glow of candlelight.

Stone Lamp by Norm Architects

Conic Table Lamp by Thomas Bentzen, Norm Tumbler Alarm Clock by Norm Architects, Phold by Shane Schneck

Godot 01 Sofa by Iskos-Berlin

I also love the Corner Shelf and the new edition of the Willmann Vase below - the black finish is so sleek!  

Corner Shelf and divider by Kyuhyung Cho, Cube candle holder by Erik Olovsson

Antipode Candle Holder by Carsten Frank Gollnick, Willmann Vase by Hanne Willmann

Images via Menu

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