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Late last week I received an e-mail from Dan de Groot, regarding TUCKBOXhis new contemporary furniture company in Australia. An industrial designer who traded in a cool design office in London for a dusty shed full of timber, steel and old machinery in his hometown of Melbourne, Dan discovered a new found appreciation not only for the materials, the machines and processes, but also the people involved with the making. Teaming up with his brother Ant and wife Prue, TUCKBOX began over a long summer lunch late last year. Wanting to create furniture that embraced the shadows and light of Australian seasons, with simple lines and a modern character, this vision has now come to life with their first collection, Klein.  

Not only are the unique pieces made by hand, they are customisable, a feature that Dan says is at the heart of the collection. The stackable stools which double as side tables are a perfect example. "From our timber top shapes, to finishes, sizes and base colours, there is so much flexibility." Responding to increasingly compact urban interiors, the range, which also includes a beautiful selection of customisable coffee and dining tables as well as a compact hallway console, is cleverly designed to work in smaller spaces in terms of scale, assembly, storage and transportability. 

Combining quality materials, beautiful craftsmanship and thoughtful design, TUCKBOX is already making their mark, and I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next for this creative family! To see the full range, and to shop online, pop over here. Look out for new product launches by following TUCKBOX on Facebook and Instagram. 

Images styled by Stephanie Stamatis and photographed by Tara Pearce 

Kicking off the week with some extra reading and inspiration, please take a look at my interview over on Kirsty Dawn today.  A New Zealand based graphic designer specialising in editorial design and photography, Kirsty interviews creatives from all over the world for her blog, A Journal Of Creatives, and I'm honoured to be included! 

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  1. I love your color and design, combining quality materials, beautiful craftsmanship.



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