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Homes to Inspire | White Flooring


You may remember the post I wrote called Wooden Flooring | Three Ways a while back. It included the wide and pale Dinesen flooring that I drew inspiration from for our new home, as well as beautiful herringbone flooring. The third style was that of older floorboards painted white, to give a slightly distressed, rustic look. Newer flooring (often made from engineered timber like our pale wood flooring upstairs) can look really pristine when white, and depending on the finish, can be either matt or glossy. 

I'm sure you'll recognise the kind I'm talking about. Unmistakably Scandinavian, I can't get enough of this look right now. I hope my husband isn't reading this, but sometimes I dream about ripping up our downstairs carpet and replacing with this type of white flooring. Come winter, I'm sure I'll appreciate stepping out of bed onto our new grey carpet, but visually, this white flooring is where my heart lies! And after all, isn't that what rugs are for? For now I'll just keep dreaming... but maybe one day.

I've picked out three beautiful Scandinavian style homes to demonstrate. 

The first home belongs to talented Norwegian interior blogger Elisabeth Heier. Her styling and photography is aways inspiring, and I never tire of seeing images of her beautiful home, in all its 'white floor' perfection. 

Another Norwegian blogger, Tonje also takes amazing photographs of her home to share on her gorgeous blog Forever Love. How beautifully glossy are the floors?

I just discovered this delightful home today over on Stylizimo. Newly built with white flooring throughout, it provides the perfect canvas for the owner's enviable collection of Scandi furniture and homewares. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone, and if you're in NZ, stay safe in the stormy weather that's headed our way. x 

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  1. White flooring is absolutely stunning! But since I'm living in an apartment with big south facing windows I can only dream about it - it's too bright even with that amount of white surfaces we have right now and I believe that I'd have to wear sunglasses indoors when I had white flooring :)

    1. I know what you mean... we'd be the same if we had white flooring upstairs, but pale wood is perfect. I hope you had a lovely weekend Anu! x

  2. Oh it looks gorgeous - obviously no children in that home though! Could you imagine it with our boys Michelle? Perhaps we need to wait until they've all grown up and moved out. I know what you mean about carpet although when it's raining and cold outside it's particularly comforting.. xx

    1. Ha ha... so true but can you believe the first two homes do have kids?! Not sure about the third.... x



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