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Homes to Inspire | Stylist Aurélie Lécuyer


I recently discovered The Socialite Family and I'm now hooked. Featuring 'A sample of Smart & Cool Families', it reminds me a bit of The Selby, one of my longtime haunts that I mention on the blog from time to time. Similarly, it gives a peek into the homes of creative folk, with photos of the spaces they inhabit and interviews conducted in an informal, relaxed style. Founded by French journalist Constance Gennari, the blog was born out of her passion for interior design and fascination with contemporary families. Whether in Paris, New York or elsewhere in the world, Constance provides great inspiration and I highly recommend it as one to bookmark. 

It was here that I came across the French stylist Aurélie Lécuyer who lives with her young family in an 1830's converted Schoolhouse in the French countryside near Nantes. Their home, which to me has a very Scandi-style, mixes vintage furniture with Ikea finds, classic French pieces and pops of bright colour. From there I clicked over to Aurélie's blog Le Dans La, and was greeted with more wonderful images of her home which I then realised I had to share. 

Aurélie's effortless style is really calming and I could browse through the pages of her blog for hours. I love the relaxed, unpretentious feel of her home and the way she involves her gorgeous children in the styling. There are photos of them throwing handfuls of colourful confetti and riding their tricycles through a mock market pop-up store displaying Aurélie's homewares that she sells via her online shop Albert et Henriette. It certainly appears as though the kids imaginations are being wonderfully nurtured and that they are having a rich and creative upbringing due to their talented Mum and surroundings. It makes me dream of moving with my family to the French countryside for a year! And funnily enough that's exactly what The Socialite Family aims to do... to make us dream, and to inspire us to want to enter the world of these contemporary families. 

It was terribly hard to narrow down the photos, so I apologise for the overload. I could devote one post to Aurélie's kitchen styling alone, but here's a glimpse at the whole house...

Large windows make for bright and airy open spaces. There's a lovely mix of natural materials like wood and sheepskins to add warmth and texture.

The neutral interior is peppered with bright colour throughout. See what I mean about the kitchen and open shelves. Swoon!

The black wall adds depth and makes a striking backdrop for the picture wall. 

Nothing accentuates a home office like a great moodboard

The Pop Up shop and confetti throwing I mentioned earlier. Fun!

These kidsrooms are all about pared-back simplicity. So beautiful! 

The original concrete wall has been retained and provides a great place to lean artwork. The paper lanterns are a lovely touch.

Evidence of family (especially little boys) is found all throughout this gorgeous home. Love the gumboots and dinosaur! 

Since the the image above was taken for The Socialite Family, there's been a new addition, with the arrival of a gorgeous wee girl! Follow more of Aurélie's journey over here

All images via The Socialite Family and Le Dans La

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  1. I can see why you love it so much. It's stylish and cool while still having a very real, lived-in feel. Can't wait to check out The Socialite Family. x



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