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Interior Styling | Rustic Doors


Last Friday I wrote about rustic style bathrooms and how I love seeing natural elements such as wood and concrete in all white interiors. Even in small doses these materials have the ability to add so much depth, texture and warmth. Well, recently I've stumbled across some interiors that feature vintage or recycled doors and the effect is striking. I can't seem to get enough of the contrast between the raw timber and pristine white surroundings.

This beautiful minimalist home is a great example...

These connecting rustic timber and glass doors work well in the industrial style kitchen...

This home in Brazil features a lot of raw timber and concrete. The pool house with its rustic doors is spectacular...

These doors have been given a personal touch with geometric designs...

And splashes of colour in this hallway of a renovated barn in the Netherlands... 

More fabulous contrasting here with vintage details...

and bright, white Scandinavian interiors...

White shutters look lovely in the bedroom... 

You could also use recycled doors purely as a decorative element, as shown with the shutters (above), or as a bedhead...

A room divider...

Or even just leaned up against the wall...

So there you go. If you're renovating, don't throw away your old doors just yet! Whether you're remodelling the living room, bedroom or any area of your home that has internal doors, they could become a standout feature of your freshly painted white interiors. 

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  1. The first pic is just amazing...

    1. That's my favourite as well. Happy weekend! x

  2. They're just so beautiful in all their rustic glory x

  3. Would love to have a rustique door in our apartment, it's so cozy !

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you! I really appreciate you stopping by.

  5. wow this is a perfect idea to create stylish doors.

  6. Doors are looking very old designs.

  7. Some doors are old style and some new but all doors are unique.Thanks a lot for share this blog.



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