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Interior Styling | Concrete + Wood


I find the combination of concrete and wood in interiors really appealing so when I came across the beautiful photo series Where Concrete Meets Wood some time ago, I bookmarked it to share with you. Styled by Amanda Rodriguez, the Stockholm stylist whose work I've long admired, (she was even one of my first Pinterest Picks) the way she describes the two raw materials tells you a lot about how she sees the world, finding beauty in simplicity and the small details that surround her. Usually thought of as being strong and robust, she sees them turned into something fragile: the concrete into warm ash and the wood into light pink powder. Take a look and you'll see what she means. 

Photographed by Elin Strömberg and featured on This Is Paper, you can see the full series here.

Recently one of my lovely readers who is also building a home asked for some advice regarding her kitchen. When she described it as being concrete and wood I felt very excited for her! I immediately thought of these kitchens from my Kitchen Pinterest board...

1 | 2 | 3 

The concrete gives an edgy, industrial feel to the spaces while the wood provides contrast, warmth and a rustic touch. 

I'm currently loving this style used in bathrooms. I think it's because I've been looking at lots of white, modern bathrooms lately, which after a while can seem a bit bland and sterile. These however are anything but... 

1 | 2 

Wood and concrete can also be carried through to other areas of the home as these images demonstrate. 

1 | 2 | 3 

I'm a massive fan of using wood in the home. You may remember my Interior Styling with Wood post where I showed how wood can be introduced not only through flooring, cabinetry and furniture but also with smaller touches like homewares, lighting and accessories. The same goes for concrete... 

This is actually a very impressive DIY lamp found via Nimi Design. See instructions how to make it here.

This is Nina Holst's second living room. The concrete tea lights and vase look great in the grey themed room, sitting on a rustic wood coffee table alongside a silver Moroccan tray. Have you noticed how often I source Nina's home and styling?! I just can't get enough! If you haven't yet checked out her blog Stylizimo, you must! 

A clever alternative to the real deal, you would never know that this is actually Concrete wallpaper! Designed by Tom Haga, I discovered it just the other day via the lovely blog Sai Zaialism

Talk about a dream kitchen! What are your thoughts on concrete and wood in the home?

I'm so excited - we've got our roof shout this afternoon! Things are moving quickly which is great but there are still so many decisions to make. Eek! Look out for another installment of Home Build on the blog next week. Happy Friday everyone. 

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  1. They both provide such beautiful texture when used in the right way. I love all your examples, and can't wait to check out the concrete wallpaper, that sounds cool. Good luck with your roof shout - so exciting, all your progress! have a great w/end x

  2. I love concrete and definitely on my list of potential built-in basins for the bathroom. YOu're right, it brings lovely warmth to a room. Gorgeous examples once again Michelle. Have a lovely weekend x

  3. Really inspiring! Concrete in a bathroom is such a good idea :)
    Happy weekend! x

  4. Love the way concrete and wood come out together, so cold & warm at the same time...

    Check out my new outfit post :

  5. You are 103,89% right! Wood and concrete is a match made in heaven. Though, I have to admit I haven't used this combination myself. At least not yet.

    I did dream about concrete floor when we were renovating our bathroom, but this lovely husband of mine had his doubts (mainly because of the potential slippery), so in the end we went for the black and white tiles (which are totally awesome, by the way). But - I still have a dream, that one day... ;D

    1. I hear you! We're putting down grey floor tiles in our new bathrooms which have a concrete/slate look but that's about the closest we're going to get this time around! Like you say..may be one day! The black and white tiles sound gorgeous! x

  6. I love this match. The pictures are amazing.

  7. Great collection of shots michelle and yes, a stunning combination! :-)

  8. I love your collection of photos here. I also like the combination of wood and concrete and the contrast they create.Oh, and I want that concrete vase!



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