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Monday Mix Up | Design Loves


Despite this cheery moodboard, my day hasn't quite gone to plan. This morning I managed to break a mirror, and even though I'm not superstitious, and it was a cheap handheld, having to clean up broken glass is never fun. Somehow I managed to get my son to school on time, early in fact, which for me is quite an achievement on a Monday morning. After dropping my other son off to creche and sweating my way through a Pump class, I dashed off to pick up a sidetable I had on hold, only to find half the store on sale. Oh no!! I then completely lost track of time, got stuck in the undercover car park, and when I finally got to my car I couldn't for the life of me find the exit! Even worse, I somehow managed to break my beloved Dita Sparrow Sunglasses. GRrrr... It was however, the blinding sunlight that saved me, showing me the way out and well, I eventually made it home.. with a new pair of Ray Bans (oops!). Thanks Sunglass Bar

Right, sorry to bang on..  let's get back to today's post! When I came across the Happy Monday image, curating a moodboard was a no-brainer, especially when it comes to black, white and touches of green. As always, my Pinterest boards provided the complimentary images.

I had an exciting week last week, lining up interviews and guest posts which I hope will come to fruition this week and next. In between, I've come across lots of design finds and inspiration so rather than choosing just one, which I'm struggling with today, I thought I'd round them up and show you all at once. 

The Death Lamp which I discovered via Trendendser is designed by Ida and Stina, is hand made in Sweden of polished MDF and comes in three sizes. Simple, geometric and bound to make a statement either hung or placed on its side like this, I think I have actually died... and gone to heaven. 

If you'd like a serious dose of design goodness, check out Yatzer's Best of Stockholm Design Week 2013. It was hard to choose just one, but the Collect Cabinet by A2 was a standout due to it's unique leather doors and fish scale pattern. Designed by Sara Larsson, this talented lady is most definitely one to watch. 

More light love, this time with Jennifer Hagler's new light that she posted on her blog A Merry Mishap over the weekend. Classic in white with a touch of brass the Pendant Lamp A110 by one of my design heroes Alvar Aalto, is now also on my wish-list. 

My jaw literally dropped when I saw this incredible outdoor kitchen on La Boheme. Designed by LA firm Commune, the inside of the home is also incredible. Check out the full house tour here

This beautiful shoot for fashion brand Hoss Intropia had me captivated with its dreamy, ethereal images. Found via Sarah Klassen's blog Haute Design, it features the intriguing illustrator Quentin Jones who is the new Intropia woman for Spring-Summer 2013. See more here.  

I've been bowled over by the 3D interiors I've seen lately such as those in my recent post Virtual Interiors. This 3D cafe Creative Coffee is another one. Created using 3DSMAX, Vray and Photoshop, you have to see it to believe it!  

Spotted on Plastolux, I can't get this beautifully elegant Sofa by Jorge Zalszupin out of my mind.

Some stunning photos shot by Line Klein, for Alt Interiør, featuring a living room styled in three different ways, with one amazing couch. I clearly have furniture on the brain right now, but you really must see these. Take a look here

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  1. Oh mornings like that are here to test us! I hope the day got better for you in the end, I'm sure a new pair of sunnies helped?

    Is the Collect cabinet the one that you can move the leather around or perhaps its the same collection? Regardless, it's stunning. The sofa is gorgeous - love love love! M x

    1. Yes, the sunnies definitely helped! Not that I know of, perhaps it's one of her other designs? I'll have to have a look... sounds intriguing! x

  2. Bravo you for trumping your morning mishaps with a new pair of Ray Bans :)

    My fav of your finds is the white and brass pendant lamp A110, I love it. x

  3. Love those pics !

  4. Where do I find the couch?



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