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Homes to Inspire | Railway House


I was so excited to discover this amazing home in the Netherlands via 1Kindesign. Once a Railway House built in 1867, the recent transformation by Zecc Architects and ZW6 Interior has resulted in new extensions to both sides of the old railway cottage, which remains virtually unchanged. What immediately grabbed my attention was the mix of materials and contrast between old and new. 

The stylish interior features original brickwork which blends seamlessly with the modern extensions. While the addition of new materials like concrete and steel are quite hard in comparison, the large glass surfaces let in lots of light and the surrounding greenery, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. A mix of design classics and second hand finds add further interest, while the impressive art collection adds a special, unique touch to each room. 

I love the reversal between inside and outside that has come about through the clever conversion. The exterior walls of the original railway house have become interior walls, as seen in the dining area above, and an old window connects this space with the kitchen.

The mix of styles really caught my eye. The cowhide and persian rugs, although very different, look amazing together on the untreated concrete floor. I also love the surfboard and collection of indoor plants displayed throughout the home.

Large and airy open spaces are linked to the original part of the home, while the bold white staircase connects the various floors.

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Photo credit: Cornbread Works

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  1. Where do you find these gems? Very nice example of a melding between old and new.

    1. It was a great find - so glad you stopped by for a look! x



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