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Madrid In Love


When I stumbled across the pop up store Madrid In Love while on Pinterest, I knew I'd have to share it with you. For lovers of vintage industrial furniture and homewares, this is a dream come true - if you live in Madrid, Spain that is! For the rest of us, we'll just have to take inspiration from these delightful images taken from past pop ups, found via the blog Crazy Mary. 

It looks amazing doesn't it? So much eye-candy and such a gorgeous collection of treasures. I especially love the vintage crates, stars and pendant lights.

Still a relatively new retail concept, Madrid In Love believes the magic of their temporary store lies in the fact that it is brief, fleeting and transient. Their latest store which runs until the end of December has just opened its doors, and promises to be the best yet, with a vibrant market vibe, complete with onsite cafe and live band! 

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  1. Amazing! I LOVE everything that this place has to offer!

  2. Oh oh oh goodness.... I am madly in love with this all!!!! Flip! Will be re sharing this for sure. Thanks Michelle. Amy x

    1. Oh how I love your enthusiasm! Definitely share the love! x

  3. Wow, super inspiring pics. Love the artworks with the stars, amazing. Oh how i would love to pop off to Madrid...

  4. OMG the lights are amazing! I have had bare bulbs (and not cool ones, very boring ones) for ages in my kitchen and dining, because I haven't found the perfect pendant yet. This shop would be perfect for me, if only it was a little closer. x

  5. One of my plans for Saturday, luckily I'll get to Madrid this Thursday!



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