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Origin Made Launch New Designs at Enter the Salon in Copenhagen


Currently showing at 3daysofdesignEnter the Salon is a joint exhibition of international brands, where design, art and poetry converge, as the past intertwines with the present. Curated by designer Signe Hytte, and taking place within The Conary, a historic townhouse in Copenhagen, the showcase aims to foster quiet reflection, casual conversation, and the exploration of new perspectives.

The inspiring space provides the perfect setting for Origin Made who are launching Part II of their 2024 collection. They are joined by six other distinguished international brands—Karimoku Case, Carpe Diem Beds, Ambientec, Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, Silkeborg Uldspinderi and August Sandgren

Based in Porto, Origin Made blends modern design sensibilities with masterful craft techniques honed over generations to create collectible furniture, objects, and lighting that celebrate thoughtful design and the authenticity of the human touch. The brand collaborates directly with solo artisans and skilled craftspeople who preserve traditional ways of making. These makers breathe life into their creations, transforming simple objects into conduits of cultural richness and individual mastery.

Part II of Origin Made's 2024 collection builds upon the success of Part I, further exploring the theme of "Materials Intention", with the thoughtful application of natural materials to new shapes, resulting in pieces that feature a captivating interplay of textures and forms. Highlights include the Barco and Calabash Basket Sculptures created in collaboration with renowned Galician artisan Idoia Cuesta, the Flan Side Tables borne of a partnership between Origin Made's creative director, Gabriel Tan, and master ceramicist Joaquim Pombal, and the Lado Vase by Norm Architects.

Minimal and geometric wall-mounted vases, crafted in corten steel, Lado explores a new vast typology by opening up new possibilities for displaying dried plants and flowers in an unusual and elegant way.

Basket weaving sees Origin Made venture into a new craft while pushing the boundaries of traditional basketry. The combination of fully recyclable monofilament fishing lines from Galicia with natural rattan (Barco), and chestnut veneer (Calabash) is a modern and unique take on how basket weaving can create functional art objects.

Testament to yet another new successful collaboration, the Flan side tables feature clay plinths with soft box forms in two varying heights and are ideal for elevating and displaying treasured collectibles.

Enter the Salon celebrates the famous salons that were pivotal in hosting and fostering the avant-garde of the time in Paris, London, Berlin, Copenhagen and beyond—truly vibrant gatherings where intellectuals and creatives exchanged fresh ideas and challenged societal norms. The exhibition invites guests to visit The Canary with the same spirit—to inspire each other and talk, listen and think with an open mind, together.

Challenging the idea of the typical fair stand as a showcase, Enter the Salon is designed to feel like a culturally savvy, indelibly tasteful and strangely timeless private residence with plenty of layers to dive into.

"My vision is to do away with the classic fair stand and tell a story instead. One where every guest can explore multiple layers and find their own to be inspired by."—Signe Hytte, Curator, Enter the Salon.

A place where new movements start casually over drinks and hors d’oeuvres, and where the beauty of art and design and the importance of a great party carry equal weight to the people privileged enough to inhabit the rooms.

Throughout, a carefully curated selection of brands mix with each other to form a lived-in, informal, and slightly opulent red thread. Each brand fulfills their own essential role in the larger play that unfolds inside.

The common denominator for all the brands is an unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and quality over passing trends and fads, always with a focus on how uncompromising techniques can be emphasised in their pieces. Through intricate wood joinery, advanced LED technology, textile installations and an insistence on keeping hand-crafted work alive, the brands create the new by looking to the refined traditions of the past.

The beating heart of the exhibition is the sprawling Atrium that greets you with warmth and vibrancy. Here, talks, breakfasts and events take place, views are exchanged, and laughter rings out. It’s also where you can retreat from the hustle and bustle of the busy festival.

Photography by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Sofie Staunsager

Exhibition Partners: Ruby Atelier, Massimo Copenhagen, Farrow & Ball, Kay Bojesen, Fabric Forest, Kvadrat and Arne Aksel

Imagery courtesy of Origin Made

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