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Place Iena: A Parisian Art Collector's Apartment by Atelier MKD


Nestled in the heart of Paris's 16th arrondissement, on Place Iena, Atelier MKD has recently completed a spacious 300m2 apartment for a contemporary art collector. A true aesthete, the owner's vision was to create a refined space with clean, straight lines that would provide ample room for the display of their art collection.

In an effort to accentuate the art collection, Atelier MKD founder Marika Dru opted for an architectural design characterised by its understated, refined style, featuring materials in contrasting grey tones. This monochromatic approach harmoniously complements the apartment's Parisian decor.

Favouring contrasting materials such as marble and wood, Marika Dru enriches simple materials through graphic and modern ornament. A desire for stylistic coherence means that she is sometimes guided by a single striking object when considering the layout of an interior. With Place Iena, Michel Boyer's stainless steel X stool led her to use a selection of striking pieces in metal.

The project at its core focuses on modularity, emphasising flexibility in spatial arrangement, volumes and lighting, transforming the apartment into a gallery-like space tailored to the art collector's unique needs.

Photography by Thomas De Bruyne

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