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Vipp Introduces the V3 Kitchen in Aluminium


Following a hectic end to the year with back-to-back shoots, the soft launch of our new furniture brand (more on that soon) and a spell of illness, I've returned from holiday feeling refreshed and excited for the year ahead. Officially back at work next week, I'm stopping by before things ramp up again to share some news from one of my favourite Danish brands, Vipp.

Launched this week, V3 is a uniquely crafted kitchen that pays homage to the brand's 85-year tradition of metalwork, while providing a fresh take on the original V1 all-metal Vipp kitchen introduced in 2011. Sharing the same overall principles of V1, V3 deviates from the industrial look of black powder-coated steel and ventures in a new direction with its light aluminium-first appearance.

Inspired by the material’s use in Vipp’s Chimney House, and Shelter guesthouses, the elegant aluminium siding and rounded edges offer a unique aesthetic, while the underlying design language and stainless-steel countertop draw clear lines to the brand's heritage.

Featuring freestanding modules available in island, wall and tall options, resting effortlessly on four legs, the kitchen cabinets come with discreetly integrated handles, while fridge and freezer cabinets feature long handles with rounded, rubber inner edges that can manage the weight and pressure of the heavier, air-sealed doors. The kitchen is completed with a 4-millimetre stainless-steel countertop that gracefully floats above the cabinets, allowing for either gas hobs or induction integration. A beautifully considered design, Vipp engineers have again blended the everyday functionality of a kitchen with the minimalist aesthetic of Vipp furniture.

“I think we have managed to create a unique kitchen that feels like a sculptural piece on its own.” — Kasper Egelund, CEO, and 3rd generation Vipp-owner.

Learn more about the new V3 kitchen at

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