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Nordiska Kök presents the Gärsnäs Concept Kitchen by Lotta Agaton


Together with renowned Swedish interior designer Lotta Agaton, Nordiska Kök has created a concept kitchen for The House of Gärsnäs showroom in the heart of Stockholm. The beautiful space fuses the classical heritage of Gärsnäs, which is located in a historical building from the 1860s designed by Victor Ringheim, with the modern minimalism that Nordiska Kök kitchens have become known for.

House of Gärsnäs has for decades been the first choice for many architects. Designed as a source of inspiration and a meeting place, the new showroom allows you to see and feel the world of Gärsnäs furniture - a light touch an innovative design - where each room represents a different character, and, of course, the temptation to translate the settings into your own home.

The soul of the house has emerged thanks to a comprehensive renovation, led by interior designer Lotta Agaton, under the supervision of the National Property Board of Sweden. In one of the rooms is the Julius sofa and Julius easy chair and the Elsa stool and Jack stool, all designed by Färg & Blanche. The Bond table by Märta Friman sits atop the white hand-tufted rug Ines from Kasthall.

The concept kitchen developed by Lotta Agaton and Nordiska Kök is a fusion between a kitchen and a beautiful piece of furniture. The muted colour scheme is soft and calming, while the Thala gray worktop adds a subtle, textural element.

The Gärsnäs concept kitchen will be a part of Nordiska Kök’s kitchen selection for fall 2022. Like all Nordiska Kök´s kitchens, it is available in any colour and material, and can be fully customized and made to measure.

Above the TAK table by David Regestam hangs the w151 XL ceiling lamp from Wästberg, and the around the table are the Hedda armchairs by David Ericsson. Designed for rest, the Dag daybed by Teresa Lundmark and Gustav Winsth provides the perfect spot to digest all the surrounding beauty when visiting the House of Gärsnäs.


House of Gärnäs interior architecture: Lotta Agaton
Photography: Pia Ulin 

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