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Restaurang ÄNG by Norm Architects


Located in the undulating fields of one of Sweden’s largest vineyards, the Michelin-starred ÄNG restaurant is designed by Norm Architects and furnished by Japanese brand Karimoku to create a stimulating interplay between architecture, food, wine, interiors, and art - a culinary experience out of the ordinary that engages all senses.

The experience of ÄNG begins with a winding pathway leading through the lush meadow to the sparkling glasshouse that stands as a modern and refined interpretation of a greenhouse turned inside out. A small herb garden out front discloses the local touch and approach to the culinary experience, and outside stone flooring continues inside where there is an open kitchen with a grounding stone counter.

Solid wood lounge furniture by Karimoku features visible woodworking details and soft upholstery. Talented Norwegian artist Anders Pfeffer Gjengedal (Løvfall) has created seven wooden and stone sculptures with an organic design language. In addition, Danish designer, Sara Martinsen, contributed with bespoke artworks that bring further warmth and new stimuli to the space.

“With the new interior design concept for ÄNG, Karimoku has successfully completed its sixth case study, continuing the collaboration with Norm Architects and Keiji Ashizawa Design. With inspiration found in both the unspoiled Nordic nature surrounding the premises of ÄNG and Japanese sensibilities in design aesthetics and craftsmanship, the interior provides a holistic, sensory experience that refines the culinary offering and reflects the identity of the restaurant.”—Frederik Werner, Norm Architects & Creative Director for Karimoku

Connected by a shared belief in timeless aesthetics and an ambition to create products that meet everyday needs, Norm collaborated with Swedish design studio Bonni Bonne to create a curated range of tableware for the restaurant. In order to emphasize ÄNG’s strong connection with nature, parts of the collection are made from green wood – an ancient woodworking method that creates natural silhouettes and raw textures perfect for the atmosphere in the restaurant.

Tiles cut like a brick floor foster the cave-like feeling of the wine cellar. These are met with a wooden floor from Danish brand Dinesen in the main dining room, where there are floor-to-ceiling views of a natural lake and the rich fauna surrounding it.

“With the changing of light, we play on the phenomenon of Chiaroscuro; a technique from visual arts used to represent light and shadow as they define objects in order to achieve a sense of volume. When stepping into the shadows, the vision weakens while the remaining senses intensify. One automatically pays more attention to sounds, smells, tastes and touch and even the intuition and instinct are strengthened. This way, the surprising transition and changing of scenery prepare the guests for the next part of the holistic dinner experience.” —Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, Norm Architects

Inspired by the Japanese Karesansui gardens of raked sand and stone, renowned for their transcendent beauty, Norm travelled to Växjö to collect the ready-made sculptures of nature from a giant quarry. Small vases that look like stones from the field are a way of translating Swedish nature and its aesthetics in an honest and modern way.

“In addition to references to Swedish nature and the use of renowned Japanese furniture design, we implemented acoustic walls made of canvas from Kvadrat, chosen in a shade reminiscent of jute sacks in which you place crops and grain. It’s not just a backdrop, but a real experience.” —Frederik Werner, Norm Architects

Filled with curated sculptures and ceramics by Viki Weiland and Ulla Bang, the shelves in the open kitchen add a personal and warm atmosphere to the striking room – creating a strong coherence between food, art, design and architecture.

As the evening moves on and the colour scheme of nature turns even more vibrant, the colours of the selected materials within the restaurant seem to change with it; the oakwood obtains a red tone and the open kitchen in grey stone appears softer. The evening ends back in the glass house, where the experience comes full circle as the sun has set when the desserts are being served. ÄNG truly is a venue enabling both guests and staff to explore, learn, elaborate and create memories.


Architect & Partner: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, Peter Eland
Designer & Partner: Frederik Werner
Interior Designer: Hedda Klar
Client: Ästad Vingård 

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