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Fantastic Frank Berlin Showroom by Note Design Studio


Real Estate firm Fantastic Frank enlisted renowned design studio Note to create their Berlin showroom. Vastly different to the traditional real estate office, the space reflects the company's forward-thinking approach to styling homes for sale. Stylish yet liveable - a space where you want to spend time - it is everything they believe a real estate office should look like in 2022.

Fantastic Frank creative director Lea Kaufmann set the tone for the entire interior concept, from the floors and furniture to details such as light switches and fittings. Note Design Studio brought a holistic approach, layering expressive materials, bold colours and sculptural elements against a subtle and sober backdrop.

"We wanted to create a sense of 'self'. The working title for the concept was ’An Artist’s Abode’. With Fantastic Frank and with their core in real estate, they have always been someone inviting others to their projects, whether it has been an architect, painter or designer. So what better to do here, but to create a raw canvas which is striking on its own — yet a place where new people and items can own their own space?

This was pre-pandemic, but we envisioned a place where people could come in, sit down, have a coffee, read the papers or a magazine. Maybe have a stroll around. I had this notion that this would be the place where artists, sculptors, furniture-makers and other creatives, could come in & display their work, and feel as if this is just as much their space to inspire people, as it is a place to be inspired in.

Much because that is the way that Fantastic Frank always work towards their clients. They always strive for adding that extra that none else does. I think that the way that they show attention to detail, and in how service-minded they are makes them stand out. The way they listen to those they work with is extraordinary and it’s very rare to find.

And at the end of the day, that was what we wanted the space to be – for everyone and especially for the neighbourhood that surrounds it." — My Degerth, Architect, Note Design Studio

Some of the key elements include the beautiful kitchen by Reform, with tapware by Vola. The rug is by Swedish design company S√ębou. The living room features the Tacchini Sesann sofa by Gianfranco Frattini and pendant lights by Bocci

Photography by Kozy Studio

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