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Last year I introduced you to All Matters, a Stockholm-based design studio whose mission it is to create and produce high quality products developed from a Scandinavian design mindset, while incorporating a holistic approach with sustainability in mind. Following on from their innovative modular concept for rugs WOODEN LINK 01, and EMBLA Stool 03, they have now launched PINNE 04, a minimalist, stackable chair crafted from oak.

Inspired by the Orkesterstolen chair, a classic Swedish design from the 1940s by Sven Markelius, when stacked on top of each other, the PINNE chairs create a beautiful profile. Stripped down to reveal a refined, somewhat Japanese-inspired silhouette, the chairs honour imperfection by way of a unique, asymmetric feature. In addition to adding a visual point of difference, I love that it provides the ideal handbag holder making it suitable for both the home and public settings.

Driven by fine craftsmanship and timeless design, Melbourne-based rug company Halcyon Lake continues to leverage decades of rich heritage with a forward thinking and global outlook. Their latest release, the Twill Collection from Reuber Hennings Curated Colour range, is a series of exceptionally fine flat-weave rugs revolving around one simple concept: Colour. Inspired by the Italian painter Giorgio Morandi, Twill is available in a curated colour palette that inspires and surprises.

Meticulously handwoven on a diagonal, each rug is completely reversible with a different toned front and back. All rugs within this collection are sustainably made to order with 100% pure New Zealand wool and are available to purchase solely through Halcyon Lake's Melbourne showroom.

Photography by Ragnar Schmuck

New for 2022, &Tradition welcomes both the Margas series and new designer, Louise Liljencrantz, to their growing collection. While Liljencrantz embraces simplicity, her love of strong lines and warm textures is displayed in Margas, which sees a solid curved frame covered in upholstery and supported by short wooden legs in oak or walnut. Sophisticated and versatile, Margas is perfect for occupying large spaces as a two-seater sofa, or for taking five to recharge in during a busy day as a lounge chair.

Interesting from every angle, the Margas series lends a sculptural simplicity to interiors. While working on a residential project for a private client, award-winning interior designer Louise Liljencrantz decided she needed a sofa that could hold court in the centre of the room. Named after her beloved grandmother, Marga von Dardel, who Liljencrantz credits as the most important role model in her life, this elegant lounge chair and two-seater sofa promise to become fundamental in adding warmth and ease to an interior.

“My grandmother was an extraordinary person,” says Liljencrantz of the woman who inspired the collection. “She was always in her lounge chair by the window smoking cigarettes. I came to visit her almost every week and we sat there together talking for hours and hours.”

“Contemporary yet classic, the Margas reflects Louise Liljencrantz’s remarkable ability to transform an interior with standout pieces,” says &Tradition founder and CEO Martin Kornbek Hansen. “We are delighted to introduce her designs to &Tradition and expect they will be much sought after.”

See all of &Tradition's new products for Spring 2022 here

Photography by Elizabeth Heltfoft

OISIDE is a Spanish firm specialising in the design and manufacture of outdoor furniture. With more than 20 years of experience with a significant international presence, OISIDE works with architects and designers around the world. Today I’m sharing their Beam Collection designed by Francesc Rifé, which has been newly released in an aluminium finish. With a marked architectural quality, the rectilinear angles and generous volumes lend it an elegant, rationalist style with lots of character thanks to its purist clean line detailing.

Authentic in their expression, architectural and minimalist in style the designs of Francesc Rifé are noteworthy for their meticulous and elegant structural details. Running his own studio in Barcelona since 1994 his multi-faceted work across interior and industrial design and art direction has been recognised with numerous national and international awards.

As well as the great versatility Beam provides for laying out spaces its potential to create different styles from neutral, to sober and relaxing, or indeed more colourful and vibrant distinguishes the collection. And the perception of Beam changes radically depending on the colour and material of its structure given that the collection is available not just in aluminium but also Iroko timber. A version with a much more organic and a warmer feel, easily complimenting any style ambience with a classically proportioned design, find out more about the collections here

Photography by Il Magma

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