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AP House in Begur, Costa Brava by Crude


Located in Begur, on the Costa Brava in Catalonia, Spain, the AP House was designed by Sheila Llovet and Anna Torndelacreu, founders of Interior design studio Crūde. The idea behind the project, which was created in collaboration with the architects GSDB and took more than three years of construction, was to create an enduring monument to design, a sculptural work camouflaged among the native vegetation of the Costa Brava. Designed to merge with elements such as sand, light, wind, sun, and the ocean that can be seen in the distance, Crude took a pared-back approach, to ensure that the natural surroundings would remain the centre of attention.

The palette and mood of the home are dictated by the sunrise and sunset, while the structure casts shadows on the walls and on the bare floor as the light changes. The volumes of poured-on-site concrete represent the purest expression of brutalism, and a central patio brings light to all the rooms of the house, highlighting the elements that give rhythm to the layout. This architectural core is in continuous dialogue with the outside, where the sand is part of the house itself, blurring the distinctions between interior and exterior.

A restrained material palette of American walnut and ceramic tiles in different colours work to soften the brutalist monolith volumes, providing a contrast between the hard exterior and cosy indoor spaces, which feature furniture and lighting by Roda, Santa&Cole, Marset, Cassina, Kendo, Rimadesio, Viavizzuno, B&B Italia and Anour. These are paired with custom made furniture by Fusteria Sais. Key to the overall concept is the repetition of the elements and constructive details for the configuration of the spaces and fixtures, making the house understood as a whole.

Photography by Meritxell Arjalaguer

Images courtesy of Crude

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