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A Minimalist Sanctuary in Melbourne


Specialising in handcrafted leather furniture, Barnaby Lane are known for their sleek, minimalist designs that are born from the belief that less is more. When Kimberley Barker, an up and coming stylist, approached Barnaby Lane to style and fit out her home for sale, it was a match made in heaven. Light and airy with a carefully considered material palette and functional spaces designed for living, the home is calming, zen-like sanctuary.

Working with C.Kairouz Architects on the design, Kimberley says her vision was to create a sustainable home with a neutral palette for a modern-day family. Maximising the use of natural light was a crucial aspect in creating the overall sense of calm, and this was achieved through the creation of a void and large floor to ceiling window feature that allows natural light to flow through the entire house from top to bottom. Further complemented by well positioned windows throughout, Kimberley says the abundance of light not only enhances the aesthetics, it’s a natural mood-booster and makes the home a haven to retreat to. 

When it came to the selection of materials and furniture, the overarching theme was inspired by nature with a neutral, refined and highly considered palette. It was also important that the choices mirrored the level of effort and detailing of the home, and as a huge fan of Barnaby Lane, Kimberley says the hand finished detailing of their furniture with soft textural leathers was a perfect match. 

"Being such a refined, tonal home, we needed to work with solid timbers, handmade detailing and leather for warmth and a sense of grounding. The detailing of their furniture and connection to the home was instant. We incorporated the blush and tan leather throughout the home with a use of light grey fabrics from their sofa range."

An exercise in restraint with longevity in mind, the design features neutral elements and subtle curves. Repetitive vertical lines are purposely used in the design to create cohesiveness and a sense of calm, while the open and airy spaces create easy flow throughout the home and increase opportunities for natural light. The incredible indoor-outdoor flow has been achieved with elegant pivot doors that seamlessly merge the two spaces. Perfect for outdoor living and entertaining, the pool adds another layer to the calm and relaxing environment and is positioned to be enjoyed with a view from inside.

To learn more about the pieces featured in this beautiful home, visit Barnaby Lane. 

Styling and furniture: Barnaby Lane
Interior Design: Kimberley Barker and Melissa Vukadin
Build: JMB Group
Architects: C.Kairouz Architects
Photography: Dylan James

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