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Dinesen Country Home


In the idyllic surroundings of Jels, Denmark, Dinesen Country Home is located near the headquarters of the internationally renowned Danish brand Dinesen. A charming thatched house with its own forest and meadows nearby, it was formerly Thomas and Heidi Dinesen’s private home. Now transformed into an exclusive guesthouse, the spacious, light-filled interiors strike a balance between clean, pared back elegance and a relaxed country style. Beautifully capturing the concept of hygge, the home provides the perfect way to forget time and place for a while. 

The home offers guests an extraordinary opportunity to experience the Dinesen family’s passion for wood, architecture and design. When the Dinesen family lived in the house, a multitude of solutions with planks from the family business were created. This, paired with a prioritisation around Danish design and art, gives the home a distinctive aesthetic that has been carried through to the exclusive refurbishment.

The residence is a modern interpretation of a rustic country home inspired by simple Scandinavian aesthetics with the use of wood and other natural materials such as leather and wool. The passion for wood is among other things reflected in the use of both Dinesen Oak and Douglas for the many customised pieces of furniture in the house, such as headboards, coat racks and desks. To create expressive contrasts, the different types of wood are combined with black lamps and furniture, emerging as modern and graphic elements in the decor.

Classic design furniture from major Danish companies are combined with books, crafts, art by Anne Fabricius Møller and Vibeke Jerichau and ceramics from the Danish island and creative hub, Bornholm. Together with the Dinesen family’s own personal objects and artefacts, these pieces give the guest house a wonderful feeling of homeliness. Visitors are urged to explore the spaces and details, to experience the home room by room and discover how the story unfolds. 

With the goal to create a house that feels like a home, even if you are only visiting for a short time, Dinesen Country Home is a place where guests feel truly welcome, where they can find peace and become inspired. 

Architecture: Jørgen Overbys Tegnestue
Interior Design: Reinholdt // Rud
Photography: Claus Troelsgaard

Images courtesy of Dinesen 

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