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News from String Furniture


Year after year the iconic Scandinavian design company String Furniture comes out with new designs and stunning campaign imagery created with long-time collaborator Lotta Agaton. With a focus on refining existing products for 2020, String Furniture has introduced a new version of the String Pocket, expanded their colour selection across the range, and as always, thought up some clever new accessories.

Originally designed by Nisse Strinning in 2005, the String Pocket has been updated by Swedish designer duo Anna von Schewen and Björn Dahlström, whose interpretation of the original design is entirely in metal. “It is a unique and delicate project where the challenge lay in keeping the essence of the original design while respectfully tweaking it into something brand-new. Our goal was to merge the new metal shelves with the original wire panels in order to keep the original appearance. The String Pocket has a strong identity and we wanted to keep that identity intact” says Björn Dahlström.

The choice of colours for the String Pocket metal was decided in coordination with stylist Lotta Agaton, who works closely with the String Furniture team. Selecting tones that harmonize well with the existing colour palette of String was essential. Taupe and white easily blend into most rooms, regardless of interior style, while the String Pocket metal in neon provides a surprise twist and one with plenty of character. I especially love this added to the mix for a kids room. 

The metal shelves are robust thanks to a specific surface treatment, which makes them suitable for use in the kitchen or bathroom. “Each shelf is made from a single plate of metal, which makes every shelf particular robust and stable. It also keeps material waste to a minimum” says Anna von Schewen. Further expanding on the functionality and storage options, they have also introduced perforated shelves. This fantastic new feature makes it possible to add accessories such as rods, hooks or hanger racks. 

The Swedish design icon, the String Shelving System, welcomes a new warm brown colour to its characteristic panels. Designed to complement the existing shelf colours, (it works especially well with shelves in oak or walnut), it provides the modular shelving system with countless new combinations. 

And in further news around colour, String Furniture will now offer all parts of the shelving system in the beautiful beige colour they introduced last year. In The Works by String Furniture range, the height-adjustable assortments desk will now be available in a light grey linoleum. This new colour joins the exists offering in ash, oak and white.

A new addition to the String Systems's versatile selection of smart accessories is the the knife holder. Designed by Anna von Schewen and Björn Dahlström, this elegant piece is made from solid untreated oak and easily attaches to the panel of your String System. 

And finally, as an addition to the outdoor assortment that was introduced last year, String Furniture now offers hooks made of galvanized steel. These can be attached to the perforated galvanized shelves and, further increasing the versatility and storage space.

Styling by Lotta Agaton Interiors / Photography by Marcus Lawett

Images via String Furniture 

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