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Lovisa Häger creates the Colorful Studio for Wall of Art


News of this project and exhibition arrived while I was in Sydney last week (more on that soon) and because it runs for a short time, I decided it couldn't wait until Monday!

Earlier this year I introduced you to interior designer and blogger Lovisa Häger of An Interior Affair. A super talented creative whose work I love, I was excited to learn of her latest project for Wall of Art. Decorating their new Colorful Studio in Stockholm, the exhibition is currently showing the limited edition art collection based on the different color characters Red, Yellow, Green and Blue. 

The exhibition is based on the colour personality types (DISC) and Lovisa said she interpreted how people would possibly decorate a room based on a reflection of their colour personality. She says "I don't know if this colour psychology is as hot of a topic where you are, but here in Sweden it's been quite controversial! The artists who work with Wall of Art have been asked to create art pieces reflecting one of the personality types, and they've all interpreted them in a different way".

A new concept to me, I couldn't resist doing a bit of my own research online, and while I'm still a little undecided which colour I am, I'm definitely most drawn to the green space. I love this earthy hue, and the way Lovisa has layered soft tones of grey and beige. 

The artworks are showcased alongside beautiful curations of furniture, lighting and accessories. Lovisa said she also had the opportunity to include some of her own designs, primarily the pedestals, dining table, desk and sofa table. All part of a furniture collection she is releasing soon, the pieces look stunning.  I can't wait to see more!

Photography by Jesper Florbrant 

The exhibition runs until the 4th of November. To find out more about the collection along with the personality types and how they translate to the spaces Lovisa created, visit

Images courtesy of Lovisa Häger

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