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Wyers Bar & Restaurant in Amsterdam


Amsterdam has welcomed a new culinary destination, Wyers Bar & Restaurant. Designed by Studio Modijefsky, the interior features a rich colour palette of olive green, elephant grey, clay coloured brown and warm ochre. The walls and furniture shift gracefully from one hue to another and are enriched by finishes of brass, leather, timber and marble. A series of mysterious portraits commissioned especially for the project by Dutch photographer Maarten Schröder create a striking accent that is clearly visible from the street. 

The all-day restaurant and accompanying petite coffee corner Miss Louisa is part of a completely renovated hotel that was formerly occupied by a Dutch fabric firm called 'Firma Wyers'. The design of the beautiful, cosy banquettes is a nod to the history of the site. Resembling fabric rolls in various colours with delicate details, they represent the variety of fabrics that would have been on display in the shop many years ago. 

Another reference to the site's heritage is the use of metal tubes which linger through the space like a thread weaving through a piece of fabric alongside the wall. Growing from the sculptural wooden banquettes, these spatial lines make playful curves and turn into a light tube before disappearing again into one of the walls between the windows

Photography by Maarten Willemstein

Further details inspired by the building's rich history include the dark wooden floor laid in a woven, herringbone pattern and the Wyers logo made of steel with a sewing pin marking.

Imagery via Studio Modijefsky 

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