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Tranquil Park Living with Interior Design by Louise Liljencrantz


Swedish property development company Genova Property has developed unique homes in the city of Uppsala with a focus on architecture and design. Inspired by Le Corbusier's 'house in the park', they enlisted architects Kjellander Sjoberg to successfully bring the vision to life. Combining function and aesthetics to create 47 unique apartments distributed across three buildings in a beautiful park setting, the focus has been to maximise the amount of natural light and the homes feature expansive glass, to blur the boundary between inside and out. Featuring a careful selection of materials and elements that will age gracefully, the stunning interiors have been created by designer Louise Liljencrantz and her distinctively elegant aesthetic can be seen throughout.

Exuding charm and tranquility, the apartments have many terraces and bay windows, creating lovely views for those who will live here. A continuation of this theme, the warm interior palette has been chosen to reflect the outside. 

You can read more about the project over at Residence Magazine

Images via Genova Property Group

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  1. Beautiful design! I love the use of glass doors and windows. It makes the place more cozy and refreshing.The terraces and bay windows certainly add value to the apartments.



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