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The Yvonne Koné Shop in Copenhagen


I knew that this week would be a juggle with school holidays and work deadlines but I wasn't prepared for bugs to strike. Always the way when you're super busy and in typical working-mum style I'm charging on ahead getting ready for a shoot tomorrow. Despite feeling unwell I'm really excited about seeing the projects I'm working on take flight. I've got a fully booked schedule for the next couple of months and I'm feeling incredibly grateful to be working with so many great brands and companies right now from NZ, Australia, Denmark and Sweden. Today's post is one I have had up my sleeve for a while but didn't get the chance to post while I was in Melbourne last week. Featuring the exquisite Copenhagen store, Yvonne Koné, I'm sure many of you will have seen it before. It's had a lot of press but for good reason - it's a must see and definitely on my list of places to visit when I make to Copenhagen!

Formerly painted a soft pink, I love this new change to the walls. Yvonne certainly knows how to create impact with colour. The interior is so clean and elegant, I can't get enough. If you're feeling the same I know where you can find more... Yvonne's incredible sense of style is also reflected in her beautiful home which can be seen inside the pages of the The Kinfolk Home. I highly recommend checking it out. 

Images via Yvonne Koné

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  1. Loving this post, amazing images and good luck to your busy schedule x

    Millie x



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