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Springtime | Bringing the Outside In


With the arrival of spring it's time to throw open the doors and windows, breathe in some fresh air and get a much needed dose of Vitamin D. Hopefully those of you here in the Southern hemisphere have a similar agenda right now! The focus is slowly shifting to the outdoors (ours is certainly a work in progress) but what's on the inside of your home is really important too. Choosing complementary colours palettes, plants, furniture and accessories helps to create harmony between inside and out. It also provides cohesiveness and a seamless journey between the two spaces.

Photo by Morten Holtum via Bo Bedre

Styling by Rebecca Jansman and Suzanne Gorman / Photography by Jason Busch via Inside Out 

Via Pop & Scott

Using a mix of plants in your styling is the first step. I'm taking inspiration from the oversized beauties. The bigger the better! Botanical artworks and textiles also provide a fun way of bringing the outdoors in, and I love the idea of bringing some coral into the home, either for our bathroom or the string shelf. I'm also thinking about using more natural elements reminiscent of outdoor spaces such as flax, rattan and wood. 

Via Alvhem Mäkleri

Styling by Megan Morton and photography by Brook Holm via Inside Out

Via Stadshem

Here's to many sunny days ahead!

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  1. I do love those oversized plants. Here in the very North Europe it's winter coming, but I think I could still add some botanical feeling with these huge plants



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