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Lewis Fredericks | Handcrafted Horn + Bespoke Eyewear


From the moment I was introduced to the young NZ eyewear brand Lewis Fredericks, I was intrigued. Specialising in quality, timeless eyewear handcrafted from horn (a wasted by-product of domestication), the designers are passionate about the uniqueness of this natural material, which is both beautiful and practical. Unlike any synthetic counterpart, horn is a natural fibre that is unable to be replicated, making every pair of Lewis Fredericks eyewear a one of a kind piece. As someone who wears glasses most of the day - opticals for work and sunglasses outdoors - the hypoallergenic, lightweight and durable quality of horn really appeals. It also has a unique flexibility, meaning that each pair gradually moulds to the wearer's face.

Launching with a buffalo horn collection earlier this year, Lewis Fredericks are now moving into the production of ram, ox and yak horn glasses. They have also introduced an exciting new bespoke service, giving customers a raft of options to express their personal taste and style, all while remaining true to the Lewis Fredericks aesthetic and brand heritage. 

It's not everyday you get to try out a range of designer eyewear in the comfort of your own home, but I was lucky enough to do so for the purpose of this post. It was important for me to get a true sense of the horn in terms of look and feel, and I can now tell you first-hand that these are the best glasses I have ever worn. For the design-conscious, lovers of timeless style, and those looking for comfort, quality and uniqueness, these are definitely for you.

Here's a run-down of how the bespoke service works. Starting with the shape and size of the frame, (detailed facial measurements are taken to adjust the size of the frame in order to ensure the correct fit), you can choose from the following selection of horn plates and colours:

Buffalo Horn: Dark Horn, White/Cream Horn

Yak Horn: Light Horn
Ox Horn: Light Horn
Ram Horn – Transparent Yellow, Light Horn

Taking into account your skin tone, hair and eye colour, Lewis Fredericks will help you choose a horn plate that both suits your complexion and reflects your personal style. For a sunglass frame you are able to choose from a range of Mazzucchelli polarised lenses, which are placed in during the production process. Alternatively your frame will come with AR CR39 clear lenses, for which Lewis Fredericks recommends you then get your prescription fitted from one of their trusted opticians.

The bespoke horn frames can also be monogrammed, and are accompanied with the Lewis Fredericks handmade leather pouch (which can also be monogrammed), microfibre, polishing ­cream and outer case.

Styling and Photography by Michelle Halford for T.D.C

For all bespoke enquiries contact to arrange an appointment. To stay in the loop, follow along on Instagram and Facebook.

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  1. Nice styling, very promising. It makes me want to change my glasses. I would choose the Light Horn, so pretty.



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