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Bedrooms | Stairs, Skylights + Ceiling Beams


I've talked before about my love of lofty spaces, high ceilings, pitched roofs, beams and sky lights. Recently I've come across some great examples and fresh finds centred around the bedroom. As much as I love the idea of skylights in the bedroom, I wouldn't want to be woken first thing by the light streaming in. The owners of the home below had the right idea, by installing skylights that can be closed.

Styled by Esther Jostmeijer and photographed by Sven Benjamins for vtwonen, see more of this gorgeous light-filled bedroom here.

Discovered via Emmas Designblogg a while back, I've been waiting for an opportunity to share this ancient blacksmithery in Lesbos, Greece. Transformed into a home while staying true to its original character, the preservation of old ceiling beams creates a rustic contrast with the new wooden structure, which houses beds, a kitchen and bathroom. At the same time they help maintain the weathered and lived-in feel, and most importantly the soul of the building.

Photos by Wichmann + Bendtsen for Kinfolk

The latest styling project by Annaleena Leino for BLOOCthis home features a bright yellow staircase leading up to workspace and bedroom nook with a beautiful big skylight.

Beautifully authentic styling as always by Annaleena, you can see more imagery here and here

Inside this delightful apartment for sale on Stadshem the quirky but unassuming little staircase leads to another gorgeous bedroom and workspace. More of a window than a skylight, the sloping ceiling creates the same effect, that of a lovely, light-filled space with cosy nooks for sleeping, reading and working.   

See the full house tour here

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  1. I find that homes that utilize a lot of natural light are the most fascinating!
    - Patrick Tan

  2. The natural light is important for every home but it is also important to catch it and present it the right way. The colour scheme of the walls and the furniture is also into consideration to create bright and welcoming room.

  3. I love this lofty spaces, smart design.

  4. Hi, do you know where the brown leather chair on the bedroom is from??



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