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Cushions | Grown Ups + Kids


The majority of the cushions I've bought over the last couple of years have been online purchases. Being that they are a textile product and I'm quite a tactile person, not getting to feel them first has taken a bit of getting used to. With each new brand I buy from, there's a feeling of the unknown, even when their reputation precedes them. In saying that, I haven't been disappointed yet. In fact quite the opposite, I end up wishing I'd purchased more! In some cases I have actually gone back for seconds or even thirds. Some great examples include Fine Little Day, Kauniste, and most recently Kowtow whose limited edition range of Support Surface cushions I featured in this post. The cushions are a first in terms of homeware for the fashion label, who are known for their beautiful organic cotton and stunning signature designs. I was lucky enough to nab a Black Eyes on Blush cushion in the sale - take a look at my Instagram pic here - and sure enough when it arrived, I was so taken with the feel and look of it I wished I'd also got the grid design, which I ended up going back for!  The good news is they are doing more cushions this season, so make sure you sign up to their newsletter to stay in the loop.  

The same goes for kids cushions and a standout would have to be Danish brand Lucky Boy Sunday. You simply cannot appreciate the softness of the products (made from Alpaca wool), until you feel them in person. When you do, it's hard to stop at just one! 

Today I've rounded up some current faves, starting with the grown ups, although it's worth noting that some of these (in both categories) are designed to work in either adult or little ones' spaces...

1. ferm LIVING Maya Cushion
2. Teepees Black and White Cushion
3. Country Road Servi Cushion
4. OY! Funfetti Throw Pillow
5. Reversible Plus Cushion with Pom Pom Trim
6. ferm LIVING Black Triangle Cushion

And for the kiddies... 

1. Rebecca Kiff Panda Cushion
2. Colette Bream Mountain Cushion
3. Fine Little Day Bird Cushion Cover
4. Lucky Boy Sunday Bobby Crystal Cushion Cover
5. Eye of the Dreamer Cushion by Club of Odd Volumes
6. Lucky Boy Sunday Secret Man Pillow
7. Fine Little Day Gran Cushion Cover in Japanese Linen
8. Anny Who Lion Cushion
9. Snow Caps Pastel Cushion

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  1. Great round up Michelle. Also check out Bold Lampshades who make beautiful cushions too. x

    1. I just had a peep - some nice black and white options. Thanks for the tip - always on the lookout, especially local brands! x

  2. Love them all! thanks for sharing. a big hug.

  3. Love the geometric balance! Could I ask what brand is no. 5 in the adult spaces section? My 4 year old loves pompoms!

    1. It looks as though the cushion is no longer available from Urban Couture, but I would suggest getting in touch with them to find out the brand. Click on the link below or from the Urban Couture banner on the top right-hand side of the blog. Good luck! x



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