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Homes to Inspire | Blogger Style


After rushing around yesterday squeezing in some client catch-ups before the school holidays arrive next week, this post is a day late, but the good thing is I discovered another lovely home to include in the mix. While I would love to have a more structured schedule of posts, especially because I am such a 'routine' person, in reality I enjoy being able to see where the day takes me. I guess that's the beauty of blogging after all. 

Something else that comes with the territory of being a blogger, especially those in the field of interiors, is that we love to put what we learn into practice in our own homes. I love seeing how other bloggers work their style and today I wanted to share a couple of current faves with you.  

The new discovery I mentioned above is the home of Sofia, a Mum of two living in Lidingö, northeast of Stockholm. A fellow-lover of black and white, her home has a really nice relaxed Scandi vibe. I love the way she has mixed the new with the old and layered in cosy textures and lots of greenery. Her picture wall, a mix of black and white photographs is a standout feature. Scroll through her blog Strawberry Dreams, and you will find plenty more inspo. 

Based in Finland, the delightful blog Da Daaa has been on my radar for some time. Author Anna Pirkola regularly posts photos of her gorgeous home in Helsinki, where she lives with her partner Joel and their two young daughters. In addition to blogging, Anna works as a concept designer and stylist for Duotone studio. I found it hard picking which photos to share as they are all so good, but my favourites are those of her picture wall (no surprises there) and DIY shelving unit made of boxes, that houses their impressive collection of LPs. Like me, Anna has a penchant for beautiful Scandinavian brands Artek, String and Muuto. Be sure to follow along here

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  1. Both of these homes are just gorgeous and both have just fabulous gallery walls! :) Lovely post Michelle!

  2. Replies
    1. My pleasure Sofia - I love your home. Keep up the great work! x

  3. Oh my, thank you so much <3

    1. You are so welcome Anna. Thanks for the inspiration! x

  4. Wow, Fantastic interior design. I want to decorate my home like it. Thanks for sharing a nice post with us.

  5. Fantastic post. I really enjoyed your full article



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