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Freestanding Baths


Truth be told baths have become a thing of the past for me since having kids. It would probably be a different story if I had my own (preferably in our ensuite) but in our last few homes, new build included, the one bath has been taken over by the kids. If I did have the luxury of choosing one, not to mention a bit more time on my hands to enjoy a relaxing soak every now and again, these free standing baths would provide the perfect inspiration.

While I'm not so sure about cleaning behind a free-standing bath, I love their simple lines and elegant aesthetic, especially when teamed with black, white and wood. 

When it comes to bathrooms I can't resist the look of marble. Tiles, flooring, black or white, it provides the perfect textural backdrop to a freestanding bath, as shown in the ensuite below. 

The marble slab underneath the bath above is exquisite. Although the clawfoot bath wouldn't be my first choice, I have to say this next one looks rather inviting. 

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Of course there are a few little luxuries that go hand in hand with relaxing baths. Some recent discoveries that I highly recommend are the Aesop Coriander Seed Body Cleanser, any of the Signature Candles from Lumira and these beautiful Mediterranean Bath Sheets

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  1. It's funny, when I didn't have a bath for many years, I would dream that when the day came and I had a bath, I'd have at least one good soak in the bath a week. Candles, glass of vino and a good book in hand. I haven't done it once in the last 3 years! But I should, because it would really contribute to my wellbeing. Next house, I'd like the second from the bottom option. Bliss! M xx

    1. Ooh yes... I want that one too! Five years and counting for me... far too long! x



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