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Kids Desk + Storage Inspiration


The downstairs area of our home that I featured on the blog yesterday is still very much a work in progress. I'll be sharing more details of the room in a follow up post soon, so stay tuned! It probably goes with out saying that from the start, I've spent a lot of time planning and researching when it comes to making decisions for the new build. I've also made a concerted effort not to rush into buying things, and of course it also takes time to save for the things I want!

Opposite the picture wall I shared yesterday, we have an old TV unit, on top of which there are two computer monitors and keyboards for each of the kids. While they don't mind sitting on the floor, I can't wait to have double desks set up for them, side by side. My husband is working on some ideas for a DIY option, taking into account my request for something simple and functional. My ultimate dream would be a String shelving system with two desks side by side. If you're unfamiliar with the String and desk combo, I have a beautiful example for you today. A joint styling project for Ferm Living, by two talented ladies, Emma of Emmas Designblogg and Riikka of Weekday Carnival, this is the first instalment of their project.

Images via Emmas Designblogg

In addition to Emma's impeccable monochrome styling, which I love, there are some fantastic storage ideas. I've picked out my favourites. 

Make sure you pop over to Weekday Carnival to see more gorgeous kids room styling for this project, and keep an eye out for future instalments.

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  1. Ah that String Shelf is starting to become a must-have!!!! I love Emma's work too, she never disappoints.

  2. I'm currently also fighting the urge to buy a String shelf for our living room wall... and it doesn't help that Finnish Design Shop is currently offering -15% off on white String system.
    And yes, this kids space looks supercool!

    1. ooh that's a good discount - I think you should go for it!! Hope you're having a lovely weekend x

  3. i really loved this post so much, esp. as i am re-thinking desk organization!

    rae of lovefromberlin

  4. Planning and researching really pays off when it comes for these kind of projects. I've been learning that in the process of furnishing and decorating my first house for a year now so far and there were some decorative impulse buys, some decorative pieces I regret buying because I started to get a better idea of what I wanted overall and some things didn't match.

    I love monochrome styling as well, tha't what I've been incorporating im my house. Neutrals give me a peaceful feeling! :)

    Thanks for sharing this! :)

  5. For the unit I have, and the overall facility itself, the prices is really good. However their customer service is what was a key differentiator. I highly recommend this place.



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