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Greece Under The Sun | Citta Design


I'm a Summer girl through and through. Take me to the beach, give me sun, sand and water and I'm in my element. When Winter kicks in it's not long before I'm pining for Summer to return, but even more so when I get a taste of what's around the corner. That's exactly what happened when I attended the recent Citta Design Summer 2013-2014 launch, Greece Under the Sun. Taking inspiration from the country's beautiful surroundings as well as its people, the new collection reflects the sunlit yellows, calm sea blues and easygoing vibes. 

Organic materials and rustic textures of wood, linen, leather, enamel and woven baskets are seen throughout. Vibrant colours, textures and luxe metallics also feature. In fact, as soon as I entered the Citta Design showroom, beautifully decked out with the new products, these gorgeous metallic cowhide rugs gracing the floors immediately grabbed my attention...

The hanging planters were next to catch my eye...

No one does a cushion stack quite like Citta Design! Bright colours, stripes and triangles? Yes please... 

The white dipped baskets are also a favourite...

Look out for the new collection in stores and online late August. I'm not sure I can wait that long. Roll on Summer!

Before I go, I'm thrilled to announce the winner of the Koko Classics Giveaway. Congratulations Jolene Van Wonderen, you have won yourself a stunning reindeer hide. Thanks to all of you who entered, and a huge thanks to Koko Classics for their generosity!

Because we are moving house over the next couple of days and will be without internet access, I'll be back on Wednesday. In the meantime, you can follow me on
Instagram where I'll be posting some pics of the move! 

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  1. Oh my goodness, I can't believe they're promoting Summer things already! I'm a Spring and Autumn girl, but I'm actually enjoying the cooler months at the moment. It's a chance to hunker down and get cosy. I've got my eye on those round cushions and striped baskets. Looking forward to their arrival. Good luck with the move :) x



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