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Built-In Bench Seats


I'm very late getting a post up today because I've been a bit distracted. I can't quite believe it, but aside from the deck, the build part of our house is complete. There's still a bit to do as far as the installation of kitchen and bathrooms go, but the end is definitely in sight. In fact the completion date has been set for the 5th of July, which is only a week away! The landscaping won't be finished, but I think it would take a lot more than that to keep us from moving in. I can't tell you how ready we are to finally get in the door. Well, not ready as far as packing goes - far from it - but ready to take possession, that's for sure!

Which brings me back to today's post. The original plans included a built-in window bench seat adjacent to the dining area, but along the way, probably due to the changes to the kitchen, we found that there wasn't enough space. I do however still have my heart set on it. Especially after seeing how pretty it is when the sun comes through the windows and I imagine myself sitting there with a book and a cuppa, or chatting to visitors. Anyway, hope is not lost on the bench seat yet, and I'm looking into getting a dining table custom made that is quite long, but narrower than a standard table. That way it might all fit in, and it's an easy thing to add on later, so I'm told!

Above shows a photo I took at our new home today, next to the first image. I really think it calls for a bench seat, don't you?

I also wrote a post on reading nooks a while ago that you might like, but first here are some more built-in bench seats that I love. This concrete one really appeals.

They don't have to be right next to a window to work. This fireplace and built in nook is super cosy. The exposed bricks contrast beautifully with the white walls.  

This next one is rather lovely with its built-in seat and shelving. 

Another good reason to put in a built-in bench seat later is that it will give me an excuse to buy more cushions, throws and furs! 

Speaking of which, I've got a great giveaway lined up for Monday, something that I would LOVE to win myself, so make sure you pop back then. Have a wonderful weekend! 

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  1. Michelle how exciting!!! I can only imagine the itchy feet you're feeling right now - not long now. That big window looks fab and yes I totally agree that a bench seat is a must. It's something I regret not doing in the sunroom of our apartment and also really great to use as storage. Have a lovely weekend Michelle x

    1. Thanks Mel, feeling pretty overwhelmed but excited. Hope you're having a great weekend x

  2. What a treat...I LOVE window seats! Ever since I was a little girl, all I wanted was a window bench seat so that I could day dream, read, and write in my journal :) I'm always on the lookout for the perfect window seat/bench/nook, and you've about summed it up with this post...I can't decide which is my favorite, but I think it's the 2nd photo in front of the tall!

    1. Thanks Jessica.That's my favourite too.. so cosy. I hope you get your special nook one day x

  3. That's such exciting news about your home - woohoo! Love all these bench seats. We have a lovely window seat in our sitting room, and we're hoping to build a corner bench seat into our little dining room as I've always had a thing for cosy breakfast nooks. x



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